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Live broadcast of basketball game

Ask to play basketball you can defend him

2022-06-26 07:20Live broadcast of basketball game
Summary: Playing basketball, if the base is requesting the offensive side has not dribbled, the defensive side can give three pointsYou can only wait for the opponent to serve. In half court basketball, as lon
Playing basketball, if the base is requesting the offensive side has not dribbled, the defensive side can give three points
You can only wait for the opponent to serve. In half court basketball, as long as the attacker has served, you can defend him. The three-point line is no problem. The three-point line refers to an arc manually drawn on the basketball court. It is semi-circular. The foothold of the basket is its center positionRequest to play basketball, please give me some advice. Qq1006328857, I'm rubbish. I hope to give you some advice on what to focus on in the future
When I first played basketball, I always shot behind my head like a stone thrower. Later, I improved my action. I looked for some videos of shooting standards. I recommended Zhang's teaching video, which mentioned that the shooting should keep three 90 degrees - 90 degrees of trunk and upper arm, and 90 degrees of upper arm and forearmSome skills for requesting basketball
ThisAsk to play basketball  you can defend him is my personal opinion. Pay attention to the protection of the ball. This is very important for beginners. Generally, when grabbing the backboard, we should pay attention to the protection. When passing in front of the chest, the right hand dribbles the ball. When the left hand protection ball layup starts, protect the ball in front of the chest and keep the center of gravity low to maintain balance. First, do not use the action of higher flowers. When shooting, the arm should be at a 90 degree angle, and the middle finger and index finger send forceHow do you play basketball
How to say? In fact, everyone has their own advantages in playing basketball. Of course, they don't rule out their disadvantages. Well, it still depends on what your body is like and which aspect you prefer to play. Take me for example. I'm basically the same type as you. I even know myself better. First of all, I myselfThe rules of basketball
6. How to play: in the game, the ball can only be played by hand, and the ball can be passed, thrown, racked, rolled or transported in any direction, but subject to the restrictions of these rules. Regulations: players shall not run with the ball, intentionally kick the ball or block the ball with any part of their legs or use the boxing ballBasic rules of playing basketball
Basic rules of basketball competition methods &\8194&# 8194;&# 8194;&# 8194; There are five members in a team, one of them is the captain, and the maximum number of alternate players is seven, but the number can be increased according to the organizer. The game is divided into four sections, each of which is 10 minutes, the NBA is 12 minutes, the rest between each section is 5 minutes, and the NBA is 130 secondsRules for playing basketball
Basketball is a sport that uses hands to play. It is illegal to run with the ball, kick the ball or hit the ball with boxing. Kicking ball is to hit and block the ball with any part and foot of the knee or below the knee. Accidental touch of the ball with the foot or leg is not an offence. A free throw is a point. 2 points in one shot. 3 points in the 3-point shooting areaApplication to the Minister of sports for playing Ask to play basketball  you can defend himbasketball
Height, speeAsk to play basketball  you can defend himd, team, high hit rate, etc.). I have achieved good results (for example). I voluntarily apply to join the basketball team. I am willing to obey the leadership of the team, train hard, unite my teammates, and follow the established techniques and tactics. And so on, hereby apply for approvalAsk for some basketball skills and offer a reward of 5
The following introduces basketball breakthrough techniques: 1. Cross step breakthrough [action method] tAsk to play basketball  you can defend himake the right foot as the central foot as an example. Two feet left and right, two knees slightly bent, body weight reduced, between the ball and chest and abdomen. BreakthroughHow to apply to the teacher for playing basketball
Landlord, I suggest you explain the benefits of playing basketball from multiple directions. 1: Improve learning efficiency. Students can not always sit in one place, so the efficiency of reading is not high, we must combine work and rest; 2: Exercise. Playing basketball helps to grow your body. Only when you are healthy can you have more physical strength and ability to learn; 3: Improve competitiveness
Ask to play basketball you can defend him

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