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Less urine when playing basketball when urinating again

2022-06-26 00:22Live broadcast of basketball game
Summary: Why do I find that urine is yellow when I urinate after playing basketball. Is it bigThis is due to the acceleration of metabolism during exercise, resulting in a high concentration of inorganic compo
Why do I find that urine is yellow when I urinate after playing basketball. Is it big
This is due to the acceleration of metabolism during exercise, resulting in a high concentration of inorganic components in urine. This is a very normal phenomenon, which can be encountered after meals, after taking medicine or after getting up in the morning. No need to worryWhat if I pee my pants when I play basketball
If you think it's embarrassing to walk on the road with your whole body wet and you have money, you can go to the street to buy new clothes. You can temporarily cover the wet parts with other things. Call your family or friends and ask them to send you a pair of pants. It's a bit embarrassing to do this. In case your family and friends tell you, rightWhy does the urine come out very yellow after playing ball
Strenuous exercise, a lot of sweat, so that a lot of water from the body surface excreted. The relative concentration of excreta in urine will increase, so it will appear yellow. It is suggested to supplementLess urine when playing basketball  when urinating again water properly during exercise, and do not wait for the body to lack water before drinkingDoctor: Excuse me, why are you so tired that you can't urinate
Answer: Guidance: when the abdominal pressure suddenly increases, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, sudden change of body position or lifting heavy objects, urine will flow out involuntarily. The treatment mainly includes drugs for urinary tract infection and incontinence. Develop good urination habits and train the ability to control the bladder to improve the situation of urinary incontinenceI played basketball very hard yesterday. When I came back, I drank an ice drink given by my friend. Come back to pee
Answer: Problem Analysis: according to your situation, it can be seen in excessive exercise intensity, sweating a lot, causing dehydration of the human body, resulting in decreased urine and difficulty in urination. In addition, it can also be seen in urinary tract infection, such symptoms as frequent urination, urgency, pain in urination caused by pathogen infectionMy lower abdomen hurts when I do sit ups and play basketball. It doesn't hurt to run and walk, nor does it hurt to urinate frequently
It may be that you usually exercise less abdominal muscles, and a sudden high-intensity stretching will cause discomfort. Both sit ups and basketball can stretch your abdominal muscles. You may not feel it when you do it for the first time, but you don't relax your muscles after you stop. It will hurt later. It's the same as running. You don't usually exerciseA while ago, I drank two bottles of water to play basketball. I urinated less. Then yesterday, the day before yesterday, I urinated more. Is Less urine when playing basketball  when urinating againit normal
In fact, if you drink more water every day, you will naturally have more drainage. If you drink too little water, you will have less urination. Now the weather is hot in summer, it will be healthier for you to drink more water, especially when playing basketball. If the weather is too hot, don't go out to play. Take a rest in the morning and at nightAfter playing fierce basketball, blood urine disappeared after drinking more water, but without drinking more water, urine was a little dark, quick
In the case of water shortage, the kidney can no longer filter red blood cells. Go to the hospital for consultation. The kidney has a little problem. NoAfter playing basketball intensely, you will have a bit of urgency. Is it normal
I'm not a doctorLess urine when playing basketball  when urinating again, but I play basketball every day. Generally speaking, I don't have urgent urination after playing basketball, because playing basketball is strenuous exercise. Urgent urination can only be said that you drink too much waterDid you play basketball yesterday evening? Does it matter if you have a reddish urine in the early morning
: normal urine is pale yellow. Urine color comes from urine pigment, which is the metabolite of bile pigment. Urine color is affected by diet, medicine, exercise, sweating and other factors. Generally, when urine volume is small, it is dark, and when urine volume is large, it is light. There are many reasons for abnormal color of pathological urine: hematuria /span> Urine contains red blood cells. In the urine
Less urine when playing basketball when urinating again

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