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Basketball pneumonia after several breakthroughs

2022-06-23 07:29Live broadcast of basketball game
Summary: Can I play basketball with pneumoniaIn the past, my lung infection was very serious. To be honest, I had a few problems (my breakthrough is very good now). If I make a serious breakthrough in a period
Can I play basketball with pneumonia
In the past, my lung infection was very serious. To be honest, I had a few problems (my breakthrough is very good now). If I make a serious breakthrough in a period of time, after several breakthroughs, my chest will occasionally feel a little uncomfortableHow to cool down scientifically after playing basketball in summer
It is not recommended to flush the body with cold water, because this will stimulate the rapid contraction of capillaries, leading to cold and other symptoms. It is also not recommended to drink iced drinks, which will cause pulmonary vasoconstriction and may cause symptoms such as pharyngitis and pneumonia. The correct way should be to drink some warm water and add a little salt to supplement the electrolyteCan playing basketball too tired Basketball pneumonia  after several breakthroughscause pneumonia
No, but you may have bronchitis
Hit basketball bosom to be bruised, vomited blood once, hit film to say is lung inflammation, how should do? Will
It's so serious. Don't listen to the netizens' blind moves. I'd better go to a regular hospital to have a check. I'm a student of sports. Once a classmate played football and took a shot from someone else with his chest. Later, he didn't slow downCan I play basketball with a cold
Condition analysis: No, your body resistance decreases during a cold. If you exercise violently, it may lead to pneumonia. Therefore, please do not play basketball during a cold! Suggestions: in addition to relieving your cold with medication, you should also take care not to stay up late and drink more boiled water to supplement waterDoes vital capacity exercise help recover from pneumonia
The second method is the endurance running practice. Attention should be paid to the regular running, the coordination of running and breathing, the appropriate distance and the appropriate intensity. Method 3 practice diving or swimming. In the water, not only do you keep your arms in the water, but also overcome the resistance of water breathing. It is a good way to exercise and improve your vital capacity. Another wayBasketball pneumonia  after several breakthroughs to improve lung capacity is to play footballCan we play now in the face of the epidemic
Of course, you can play basketball in the face of the epidemic. Just don't go to places with many people. You should also pay attention to wearing masks to avoid being infectedCan I play basketball after getting pneumonia
It's better not to play basketball. Playing basketball is a kind of strenuous exercise. Strenuous use relies heavily on lung activity. Your lung function is much worse after pneumonia. If you persist in playing basketball, it may cause more serious consequences. It is suggested that appropriate amount of restorative exercise should be carried out under the guidance of doctorsCan I play basketball or sports with a cold
After a cold, you can't play basketball or similar strenuous exercise. Although high-intensity exercise can make people sweatBasketball pneumonia  after several breakthroughs Basketball pneumonia  after several breakthroughsa lot, in the cold stage, the body's resistance is weak, which may cause more uncomfortable symptoms such as panic, chest tightness, headache, etc. If a cold has caused viral myocarditis, strenuous exercise will only aggravate the conditionCan I play basketball with cough due to lung infection
Cough may be caused by respiratory infectious diseases, which may be bronchitis or pneumonia. You should pay attention to rest, take antibiotics regularly, and do not exercise violently, so it is best not to recommend you to play ball
Basketball pneumonia after several breakthroughs

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