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Playing basketball makes you faint and pale

2022-06-23 04:22Live broadcast of basketball game
Summary: How is dizziness, dizziness and breathlessness when playing basketballPeople who lack exercise engage in vigorous exercise. Usually, there are dizziness or headache, as well as pale face, asthma, naus
How is dizziness, dizziness and breathlessness when playing basketball
People who lack exercise engage in vigorous exercise. Usually, there are dizziness or headache, as well as pale face, asthma, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps and other symptoms. This is the response that the functional level of the body's respiratory organs cannot adapt to intense exercise. Poor respiratory rhythm will lead to insufficient oxygen in the body and dizzinessWhy did you suddenly faint while playing basketball
If you stop to rest as soon as the strenuous exercise is over, a large amount of venous blood in the limbs will accumulate in the veins, the heart will be ischemic, and the brain will suffer from dizziness, nausea, vomiting, shock and other symptoms due to insufficient blood supply and hypoxia. It has nothing to do with the injured personDoes anyone know why playing basketball makes you dizzy
Man, this is normal. I feel dizzy when I stand up. There are two possibilities for this kind of thing. One is to keep a posture for a long time. When you suddenly move, your blood concentrates on your moving parts (when you squat and stand up, it concentrates on your legs), resuPlaying basketball makes you faint  and palelting in inPlaying basketball makes you faint  and palesufficient blood supply to the brain, which will produce a feeling of dizzinessWhat happens when you faint on the ground while playing basketball
It's hard to say. It's usually the cause of the disease. For example, patients with heart disease are generally unable to participate in strenuous exercise; In patients with hypertension, strenuous exercise will cause dizziness duPlaying basketball makes you faint  and palee to insufficient blood supply to the heart. Of course, there may be no illness, two people collide, too tired and so on, which should be based on the specific situation. I hope I can help youHow to do if you feel a little dizzy after playing basketball violently
When the body heat is insufficient and the blood sugar content drops, this phenomenon will occur. In severe cases, it will faint or have temporary mental disorder, and even induce other vascular diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement some carbohydrates after exercise. Among many alternative foods, honey is the bestHow does the head feel dizPlaying basketball makes you faint  and palezy when playing basketball
It is a normal phenomenon that the body is not adapted to it due to long-term inactivity and sudden strenuous exercise. It is recommended that you do some moderate exercise first. It will be fine after two days of adaptation. The body fluid circulation needs an adaptation and adjustment processWhy do you feel dizzy when playing basketball
I'm glad to answer your question. If you don't do strenuous sports when it's too hot, a lot of sweating will cause rapid evaporation of body water. If you don't add water in time, you will get tired quickly. Of course, if you are too tired, you will feel dizzy. If you are out of strength, the temperature difference between inside and outside the room is also a factor leading to dizziness in cold daysWhy do you feel pale after playing basketball
Low blood sugar, coupled with hypoxia. It is suggested that you can eat something or drink water in advance before playing. Secondly, step by step, under the premise of not doing enough warm-up activities, slowly increase the amount of exercise, and don't be so fierceHow does basketball make you dizzy
3) Why can giddy? The causes of dizziness vary, generally including the following: 1 Middle ear and inner ear diseases - different ear problems can cause dizziness, such as otitis media and Meniere's disease. Common cold viruses can also invade the inner ear and cause problems, even vomiting. 2. drug effects - some antihypertensive drugsPlaying basketball makes you dizzy
The increase of exercise will cause insufficient blood supply, especially in summer, blood pressure will be reduced, blood sugar will also be low, and dizziness will occur
Playing basketball makes you faint and pale

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