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Basketball player cracks also better not get wet

2022-06-28 16:02Live broadcast of basketball game
Summary: It is easy to crack nails and flesh by poking your hand when playing basketball-I have to support this. I'd better not play basketball recently. You'd better not get wet.. My nails used to look
It is easy to crack nails and flesh by poking your hand when playing basketball
-I have to support this. I'd better not play basketball recently. You'd better not get wet.. My nails used to look like this when I played basketball. It will be fine after a while, and then slowly adapt to it! It must grow out! Give me an injection of antibiotics. Don't get infected. Recently, you have to stay calm...! RememberPlaying basketball, your fingers will crack. What's the matter
This is normal. Because the ash on the basketball court sticks to the basketball and the hands, resulting in dry hands. In addition, it is easy to crack due to the impact and extrusion of the basketball during dribbling. If you want to prevent it, you can wash your hands in time after playing basketballAs soon as I played basketball, my hands peeled, and then I cracked many small holes
Man, I feel the same way. My summary is: remember to wash your hands with hand sanitizer after playing basketball. Because when playing basketball, there will be a lot of dust falling on the hands. In addition, the air in autumn and winter is dry, and the skin is easy to dry and crack. So it is very important to wash your hands first. Apply hand cream after washing your handsWhat if a basketball player often cracks? What is the most effective way
The most primitive way is to get something protective on your hands, such as gloves for playing ball. Otherwise, pay attention to the hand shape of the ball when playing. Don't aim the wound at the ball, which is easy to cause secondary injuryPlay basketball fingernail cracked how to do
Disinfect with disinfectant first. Black blood should be let out first for blood bubbles. Then check whether the nail is completely separated from the meat. If it is not separated, clean and disinfect it and then bandage it. Change the medicine every twoorthree days; If it is separated, the nail needs to be cut off first and then bandaged. Remember not to get wet. Remember not to get wet. Remember not to get wetWhat if the basketball player cracks
When playing basketball, serious hand cracks will lead to deep cracks, bleeding, pain, etc.: if the skin has cracked, soak the affected area in waBasketball player cracks  also better not get wetrm water for about 10-20 minutes, then apply Qiantang hand cracking cream for maintenance, and then gently massage for a while, which is easy to be absorbed by the skin, and not only can prevent the fingers from drying and crackingHow to play basketball with a small crack in your finger
Stick the tape with your fingers and then play ball; More dribbling at ordinary times to enhance the strength of fingers and avoid additional friction caused by irregular dribblingHow does the finger crack when playing basketball in winter
It's hard to solve this problem. If conditions permit, it's better to stay indoors. When playing outdoors, first move your hands and feet to promote blood circulation. After playing the ball, go back and bubble your hands with hot water, rub some healing cream or vaseline, hand cream... Take care of your hands and see how those girls' hands are cared forAs soon as I play basketball, my hands will burst and crack. What should I do in this case
Seasonal rash, or accidentally got a slight tinea manus (it may only be twoorthree days). Such a situation may make you play basketball and crack. First, eat more vegetables or fruits. Second, go to the drugstore to buy a limitless cream and apply it, which is between 1.5 yuan and 3 yuanPlaying basketball has a crack in the finger tip. Every time I play basketball, I bleed. How can I heal quickly_ Baidu
Well, my hands have also experienced this kind of situation. Especially in winter, I have to wear gloves when playing with pain. I. Fingernails should not be too long. If they are too long, it is easy to eat dried radish. If they are too short, they will be frozen and damaged. II. Before playing, move your hands to make them warm up
Basketball player cracks also better not get wet

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