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Live broadcast of basketball game

Luck playing basketball

2022-06-27 20:20Live broadcast of basketball game
Summary: When I play basketball, I can't hold the dribble steadily. When I get it fast, it's easy to get it under my feetWhen I play basketball, I always lose my grip on the dribble. When I get it fast,
When I play basketball, I can't hold the dribble steadily. When I get it fast, it's easy to get it under my feet
When I play basketball, I always lose my grip on the dribble. When I get it fast, it's easy to get it under my feetDo you play basketball by luck or by skill
Of course, Luck playing basketballplaying mainly depends on skills, such as shooting, dribbling, passing under the basket, blocking, rolling, etc. there are action requirements and skills, and each position has different technical requirements. Second, rely on team cooperation. Luck is only a small partYou will have a headache after playing basketball and other strenuous luck Worry
Do you do any other strenuous exercise? If so, you have to go to the hospital to see if you are like that every time you play basketball! Make sure it's every time! I used to be the same. It was because my breathing rhythm was not as good as the brain hypoxia caused by exercise. I used to have severe headache and blood vessels every time I exercised violentlyDoes basketball depend on luck
Probably because the proportion is unbalanced! In fact, there are few examples of basketball like you! Generally speaking, your playing can improve the defense quality ~ maybe it is just to improve your own defense quality ~ while others take care of you because of your existence ~ so they don't confront you head-on ~ but look for loopholes in others' defense! Maybe your teammates do tooHow to play basketball
7. If you want to play basketball, follow the basketball rules. 8. complaining and getting angry cannot change the existing scores and facts. 9. the score blew your ball and the opponent's ball, so don't make excuses. 10. being a good partner is more important than finding a good partner. 11. of course, luck is important, but luck can only help you win a point, not a game. 1
The benefits of playing basketball
1. Expand the social circle. A person who is at home and doesn't know how to socialize can easily make friends by playing basketball. 2. generally, basketball players are straightforward, loyal and easy to make friends. 3. improve your charm, play basketball to a certain level, and abuse some rookiesCan we say that all basketball goals have luck
Yes, but not much. I can really score when I practice to a certain extent. But some three-point scoring and the like are luck
What should I pay attention to when playing basketball
Attention should be paid to playing basketball: people who play basketball for a long time must pay attention to their own strength training. Because if you are not strong enough when playing basketball, it is not only difficult Luck playing basketballto improve your bLuck playing basketballasketball skills, but also easy to get injured whenLuck playing basketball playing basketball. Therefore, you must carry out strength training when playing basketball, which is complementary. SecondLuck and strength: which is more important
Luck is always more important than hard work. You have to build. Some people have dumped us for 100000 light years at birth, and they can't catch up with us for several generations. Trying harder than luck is just a pretext for deceiving yourself and others. If you are unlucky, you can only try hard
... I like playing basketball very much, but I don't know how to throw a two-point ball
Posture is very important. If it is finalized early, it will be difficult to change in the future. Good posture is the basis for stable shooting
Luck playing basketball

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