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Live broadcast of basketball game

A basketball player

2022-06-27 19:02Live broadcast of basketball game
Summary: What is caixukun's handicap in playing basketballAfter caixukun became the image ambassador of NBA, a previous basketball dance was found by netizens, which immediately became popular throughout th
What is caixukun's handicap in playing basketball
After caixukun became the image ambassador of NBA, a previous basketball dance was found by netizens, which immediately became popular throughout the Internet. And "chicken you are too beautiful" is the homonym of BGM "just because you are too beautiful" in this dance. Caixukun was roast about his basketball dancing posture, and this homonym was also roast. January2018Which of caixukun and Yi Jianlian is good at basketball
Caixukun is a singer and actor. His basketball level has become a hindrance and has been ruined by everyone. The reason is that caixukun, a popular young student, is one of the official spokesmen of the NBA for the Chinese new year this year. He and alphabet brother, Lillard and Thompson shot three new year promotional videos to express the NBA's official celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. VideoWho is the strongest star in the entertainment industry
On the one hand, the school that offered him scholarships at that time did not have a very strong strength in NCAA, so even if he could enter, it would be difficult for him to get a better chance of professional basketball in the future. On the other hand, although pan Weibo's physical quality is relatively good among ordinary peopleWho do you know plays basketball best in the entertainment industry
In fact, there are many people in the entertainment circle who like playing basketball, including WuYifan, a popular young student now. He has participated in the NBA all star weekend masters for several consecutA basketball playerive years. Although many people question his skills, in my opinion, it should still be passable. If it is really too good, I don't think the NBA will invite him to participate againWhatA basketball player happened to caiyukun? Why do many people imitate
The action of playing is too feminine. The action is impractical and especially cross loadedWhat do you like best among the popular students now
Playing basketball is handsome. He likes basketball. He once participated in a basketball program with many stars. He trains very hard and humbly learns basketball skills from his elders. Although he is the youngest, he is no worse than others. Sometimes when he meets a foreign coach, he will kindly translate for everyoneLi is now playing basketball at Nortel. Is Lao Li getting fat
It's very rare. This time, Li is able to run and play basketball wantonly on his alma mater's court. It's also a very happy thing for him. After work, he can invite several good friends to a basketball game on the court. It should be a great feelingWhat are the rules for playing basketball? What should novices pay attention to
When grabbing rebounds, neither side has the ball right, and neither side is the offensive side. 2. What kind of thugs are fouls? Here is an excerpt from a paragraph that also reminds us of a misunderstanding when we play ball, that is, the hitter. As for what is a thug, many people think that if they get a thug, they will commit a foul. That is incorrect. The principle of basketball is dribblingBasketball player Sunyue, what was his status in the men's basketball team at his peak
Because when he was young, he was a handsome young man in China's basketball arena. He not only had good basketball skills, but also was the prince of basketball in the eyes of female fans. It can be said that Sun Yue was at the peak of his life when he was in his twenties. He was the core of Chinese basketball and tA basketball playerhe most potential outside player to enter the NBA at that timeWhat does caixukun do in basketball
Later, caixukun took part in Star Asia, successfully entered the top 15 in China, and joined the men's group swin to make a successful debut. Unfortunately, it didn't attract much attention. Until 2018, caixukun took paA basketball playerrt in the talent show variety idol trainee, which won numerous fans by virtue of his super strength and became a high-profile flow student
A basketball player

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