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Play basketball and hold the ball

2022-06-27 00:12Basketball rules
Summary: When playing basketball, can I continue to dribble after holding the ball in both hands? Is a 3-step layup OK? I amDid you hold the ball before you held it? If not, the following can be done! If you h
When playing basketball, can I continue to dribble after holding the ball in both hands? Is a 3-step layPlay basketball and hold the ballup OK? I am
Did you hold the ball before you held it? If not, the following can be done! If you hold it, you can't hold it again! At this time, except shooting and passing! Nothing else can be doneHow to hold the ball basketball
If the hand is large, it means that the hand is open. If the hand is small, in addition to opening the hand, it can also bend the wrist and hand to control the ball together
How to hold the ball in basketball
Dribble use the uppermost knuckle to shoot. Oh, the palm hit is high
When playing basketball, what is the posture of holding the basketball
The right hand shoots and the left hand holds the ball. The left hand just stabilizes the ball in the hand. The key is the right hand, the shooting hand. When you take the shot, you reach the highest point and press your wrist down to make the ball form an arc. I am the children's basketball coach of Liuzhou basketball network. Welcome to join our club QQ group (2856556) to exchange and make progress togetherIs the five fingers holding the ball separately or together when shooting with the right hand
Separate. When the hand touches the basketball, the palm does not touch the ball. When pitching, use the force of the fingers to pull out and the force of pressing the wriPlay basketball and hold the ballstBasic action essentials of playing basketball
Basketball technology is the basis of basketball, and it is the focus of basketball teaching. Here, it mainly describes the action essentials of various basic techniques, such as moving, passing and catching the ball, dribbling, shooting, breakthrough with the ball, personal defense, grabbing the ball, breaking the ball, grabbing the basket and throwing the ball. Movement movement is to change the position in a basketball gameWhat are the basic movements and essentials of playing basketball
2. Passing: passing is the core of team operations. When holding the ball, two hands and five fingers are naturally separated, and the thumb forms an eight shaped shape. Hold the ball at the back of the side above the finger root, the palm is empty, and the elbows are naturally bent at the side of the body. Place the ball in front of the chest, press down with the thumb, and bounce the ball with tPlay basketball and hold the ballhe index finger and middle fingerHow to hold a basketball with both hands
Note: after holding the ball with both hands, dribble again. If you hold the ball again, you can't dribble again. Otherwise, you will be punished for the second dribble violation. Basketball also has one handed possession. Single handed holding method: the five fingers of the ball holder naturally open, turn over the wrists, and hold the side, back and bottom of the ball with the part above the finger root. Bend your elbows naturally and relax your shoulders. Look up at the situationWhat is the basketball grip position
The ball holding posture of basketball: the fingers are naturally separated, the thumb is in the shape of an eight character, the palm should not contact the ball, it should be the fingertip, the lower part of the palm contacts the ball, and the middle is empty, forming a hollow shape. One handed shooting posture: legs slightly bent, left foot Play basketball and hold the balland right key slightly opened before and after. Hold the ball in front of and above your shoulderThe way of holding the ball in basketball
Five fingers apart, hold the ball with both hands so that the two thumbs form an "eight" shape, and the palm is hollow
Play basketball and hold the ball

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