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Playing basketball around people feeling of breakthrough

2022-06-25 20:03Basketball rules
Summary: When playing basketball, you can throw the ball over the opponent's head, and then bypass him to catch the ball so as to passIt's not a foul, it's a violationHow to shake people when playing
When playing basketball, you can throw the ball over the opponent's head, and then bypass him to catch the ball so as to pass
It's not a foul, it's a violation
How to shake people when playing basketball
The feeling of breakthrough, and then the center of the whole body is lowered instantly. The ball is quickly transported to the left hand after one hit, and then one landing passes. However, this can only be done with good ball skills. The most important thing to practice ball skills is to touch the ball more. Then you can look at other people's action essentials and try to imitate themAnti personnel rules for playing basketball
1. In the case of live or dead ball, the offensive and defensive players shall not touch each other, otherwise it is a foul. 2 players should follow the cylinder Playing basketball around people  feeling of breakthroughprinciple, once the player leaves his vertical position (cylinder) and makes physical contact with thPlaying basketball around people  feeling of breakthroughe opposite player who has established a vertical position (cylinder)Do you play basketball with death entanglement or brown sugar defensive fouls? It's the kind that has been sticking your arms wide open
It doesn't count as long as it doesn't puPlaying basketball around people  feeling of breakthroughll you or invade you... Generally it doesn't count as a foul. It all depends on the referee. If he thinks it's a foul, it's a foul
When playing basketball, if the opponent is stuck in front or on his side, how should he go around to the front
Squeeze him with maximum strength. When he starts to exert the same reaction force on you to ensure his position, you will immediately force him to lose his center of gravity, and then go ahead. If there is too much difference in strength, there is also a difference in height. Then change your position. Under the basket technology first depends on strengthWhen playing basketball, what should I do if twoorthree people surround me
Otherwise, unless you are a T-Mac or Kobe, but obviously you are not, so you should realize that when you are surrounded by others, the opponent's defense will be in neutral. You should pass the ball to a teammate with a better position, so that you can have a beautiful assist and your teammates can score easilyWhat are the skills of shaking people in basketball
1. Raise the ball and pretend to shoot, then break through quickly 2. bouncing your feet and shaking people means that the other party is defending you in front of you. Take a shot and shake your body from side to side, and then accelerate the breakthrough. 3. fake turning. If you turn from the right, first pretend to turn right to take a step to the left, and then turn back to accelerate the turning from the right. These three must be acceleratedA basketball pass
Among the five basketball skills, being relaxed is not a dream. Some playing skills are not very good, but do the guys who like basPlaying basketball around people  feeling of breakthroughketball super envy those great gods who can break through their opponents at will? Like them, it is necessary to study hard and practice hard, but it also needs to master some excellent skillsHow to play basketball effectively and quickly
You are fast, but don't lose your center of gravity. Observe the posture of the defender's two legs. If his left foot is in front, you will break through from his left, and his right foot is in front, so the defender's center of gravity is not easy to adjust. In addition, basic skills are very important, and the dribble should be solid
How to defend before playing basketball
Forward defense is a kind of defense technique that pre interferes with the opponent's receiving the ball near the restricted area in basketball games. It is mainly used to defend the powerful power forward and center with strong singles ability. Around the front defense is applicable to those defenders who have flexible steps, good coordination and good explosiveness. At the same time, they are slow to move and rough in technique
Playing basketball around people feeling of breakthrough

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