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Can circumcision play basketball

2022-06-25 14:03Basketball rules
Summary: Can circumcision play basketballJust after circumcision, it still hurts. Naturally, you can't move. It is generally recommended not to do strenuous sports within a month. In addition, basketball is
Can circumcision play basketball
Just after circumcision, it still hurts. Naturally, you can't move. It is generally recommended not to do strenuous sports within a month. In addition, basketball is more intense. Do not participate in it until it is healed. Avoid accidental injury or tearing the wound with excessive forceCan you play basketball in 16 days after circumcision
After prepuce surgery, you can return to normal, and it is more appropriate to play basketballYou can play basketball after circumcision for a few days Running
Answer: Guidance: try vigorous exercise after 1 month. After all, the wound is important. It's betterCan circumcision play basketball to be careful
Half a month after circumcision, can you play basketball
Since you have been recuperating for half a month, why not recuperate for another half a month, all in order to better show your male charm. During this period, I have to tell you a few words: Although you are allowed to stay in bed, you still need some moderate exercise. Basketball is too fierce, and you should try to avoid contact. Pay attention to hygiene and clean the penisHow long can you keep fit and play basketball after circumcision
It usually takes a month to play until the wound heals. You can find a bag or something to wrap your penis in the shower. Don't touch the water. It's OK. If you touch the water, you'll be afraid of infection. That's your lifeblood. It's not a joke. It's not bad to play basketball these days. Think twice, young manHow long can you do strenuous sports after circumcision, such as playing basketball, running and sprinting
Third, the rhythm of breathing must be well controlled. For example, three steps of one breath and three steps of one breath, or four steps of one breath and four steps of one breath. Only by grasping the rhythm of breathing can you have enough oxygen, otherwise you will be very asthmatic and you won't have to run at all. AndCan you play basketball after circumcision for 15 days
It is not suitable for the time being, because the edema has not completely subsided two weeks after the operation. At this time, it is not suitable to do more vigorous exercise to avoid aggravating the edemaHow Can circumcision play basketballmany days can I play basketball and run after circumcision
Answer: Shao's foreskin can be removed seven days after the operation. If the woCan circumcision play basketballund is not infected after the removal, you can carry out these activities. In fact, many of them now use absorbable thread instead of removing the suture. In addition, in seven days, there will be some infections. Therefore, it is recommended that you carry out the activities in about two weeks. The activities are safer
Can I play basketball 15 days after circumcision
Can I play basketball on the 23rd day after circumcision today
Once the wound is healed, you can move. Has the thread been removed
Can circumcision play basketball

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