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Basketball legs are too short why

2022-06-24 04:36Basketball rules
Summary: I usually play basketball and often dunk, but I find that my hands are long and my legs are not long. This is whyThis one. It may be a developmental problem. Because the growing space between bones ha
I usually play basketball and often dunk, but I find that my hands are long and my legs are not long. This is why
This one. It may be a developmental problem. Because the growing space between bones has been fixed
... The calf is very short because it is too thick. The men in the class are very thin. They all play basketball, but I can't play
Answer: Condition Analysis: weight loss methods should focus on exercise and diet reduction. It should not be based on oral drugs. Do as much aerobic exercise as possible, such as running Sit up thin abdomen, treadmill, bike exercise thin legs, push up thin upper limbs Practice hula hoop can thin waist and other guidance:Are long legs and short bodies suitable for basketball dribbling
It is suitable for playing basketball. The advantages of playing basketball are either height, weight, flexibility and fast running. Basketball is a team actiBasketball legs are too short  whyvity. Different positions on the court need different conditions. Speed. If you have an excellent speed, you can play a sub position. Explosive power is required for centers and small forwardsIs the waist long and legs short suitable for playing basketball
Objectively speaking, it is not suitable for playing basketball. Short legs can be explosive. You can play point guard. The waist length is not suitable for the strength of the waist. Don't do some difficult movements (pull rod). Don't give up a sport because of these congenital factors. Do you know how tall the NBA recordBasketball legs are too short  why is? One meter sixDoes it have anything to do with the length and thickness of the legs to play basketball with the crotch dribble? If you have thick or short legs, just do it
No, it's just the ball. Anyone who is skilled can be very fluent
Can playing basketball lead to long and short legs? Is there any way to correct it
Talk nonsense! Don't worry. It's normal. Most people have long feet and short feet The long one and the short one vary from person to person The long and short feet are divided into the long and short feet in essence and the long and short feet in structure. The former refers to the difference in the actual length of the leg bones on both sides, and the latter refers to the same length of the two legs, but lookI am 19 years old Male 174.. But the legs are short I don't like playing basketball very much. What else can I do
At the age of 19, he is basically stereotyped. However, if you can play basketball for another year or two, it should be no problem to grow 2-3cm in height. There are some things that you can force yourself to do if you don't like them. You can also play alone if you don't like playing with your classmatesWho says you can't play basketball with short legs
The length of legs is not important. The key lies in willpower and training attitude. Some people are born with good physical quality, but do not pay attention to systematic training. As a result, they are abandoned. So the day after tomorBasketball legs are too short  whyrow's efforts are the most important. Come on, I wish you success in basketball! Thank you, love basketball, good luckHow about playing basketball with short legs? Height 174
Dizzy ~ playing basketball doesn't need conditions~ The shortest man can play basketball! As long as you love basketball, it's your hobby. Whatever it is, look at dengyaping. She's so short.Basketball legs are too short  why She's not a table tennis champion! Just play if you like!! Make efforts to make up for their own shortcomingsHow to play basketball with short arms Lose everything you do
Methods: 1. The arm is short, the dribble is broken normally, the knee is bent, the center of gravity is as low as possible, and the dribble is as low as possible. 2. To steal from others depends on your own prediction and strengthen your understanding of the opponent's players' intentions. This is experience. If you have short arms, you should start quickly. 3. Rebound
Basketball legs are too short why

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