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Playing basketball with long legs

2022-06-24 00:59Basketball rules
Summary: Do basketball players have long legsPeople are different. If you don't feel straight, maybe your thigh muscles are very thick. Playing football has muscles in the thighs, which makes the feet stron
Do basketball players have long legs
People are different. If you don't feel straight, maybe your thigh muscles are very thick. Playing football has muscles in the thighs, which makes the feet strong. Playing basketball is about jumping, and the calf eats a lot of energyIn basketball, the length of the arm is the advantage, but the length of the leg is the advantage
Playing basketball has long arms, long legs and high height. It is suitable for centers and power forwards. If they are tall, they also have obvious shortcomings. Playing basketball with long legsThey turn slowly without being short and flexible
Are people with long legs suitable for playing basketball
I am 185cm, and my legs are relatively long in proportion. Personally, I think that long legs are Playing basketball with long legsnot good for playing basketball. One is that the pace is relatively slow, and the other is that the center of gravity is high, and the low position singles suffer a great loss! However, the big pace of breakthrough is also an advantage! On the whole, playing with long legs like ours is a loss! Hope to help youWhat exercise can increase leg length
Stretching. It includes aerobics, aerobics, rhythmic exercises, free hand exercises, stick holding exercises, as well as stretching exercises such as pull-up, hanging, swinging, looping, chest enlargement, back leaning, kicking, leg swinging, leg pressing on single and double poles. Swimming in summer is also a good project for limb extension activities. General exercise. Including basketballWhat are the advantages of playing basketball with long legs
It is difficult for others to keep up with long legs and big strides But it's easy for short people to steal the ball. If you bounce well. Maybe you can dunk
What are the advantages of playing basketball with long feet
Leg length = stride most people observe and learn and do more footwork exercises. No matter turning or breakthrough, they have great advantages (learn to use your stride + butt) ha ha
My girl is 17 years old. She is 176 tall and has long legs. Is she suitable for playing basketball
Not suitable. Why do you say so? It's useless to have long Playing basketball with long legsbare legs. Besides, 1.76 is not high, but it can't guarantPlaying basketball with long legsee your future president. You should be comprehensive. This alone is not enough to explain the problem. Pure hand fighting
Are long legs and short bodies suitable for basketball dribbling
It is suitable for playing basketball. The advantages of playing basketball are either height, weight, flexibility and fast running. Basketball is a team activity. Different positions on the court need different conditions. Speed. If you have an excellent speed, you can play a sub position. Explosive power is required for centers and small forwardsProfessional basketball most people have long legs
Basically, but the leg length mainly depends on whether the athlete's tendons have enough explosive power and bouncing power. Usually, the calf muscles accounting for about one third of the calf length will have good bouncing and activity
Is calf length or thigh length good for playing basketball
It doesn't matter. You can play with the length of your calf. It depends on whether you study hard. Of course, the length of your calf is better
Playing basketball with long legs

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