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Basketball stadium tent not during daytime sports

2022-07-03 19:03Basketball rules
Summary: What problems can the emergence of the canopy of the basketball stadium solve in the outdoor open-air courtIn terms of design, the translucent tarpaulin can be selected as the material of the roof, wh
What problems can the emergence of the canopy of the basketball stadium solve in the outdoor open-air court
In terms of design, the translucent tarpaulin can be selected as the material of the roof, which allows light to enter the interior of the tent directly. It is very economical to save energy without lighting during daytime sports. In hot summer, the surrounding tarpaulin walls can be dismantled or rolled up, and the ventilation around is very coolDue to the influence of the weather, the company court wants to build a rain proof space. Can we use a basketball court tent
Of course, the specific advantages are as follows: the basketball court tent, as a temporary structural building, is built in a prefabricated way. The treatment without foundation is easy to operate and economical and environmental protection. The materials can be directly transported to the site for assembly and construction. There is no need to do any treatment on the original site, and it is directly built on it. The important thing is that there is no coBasketball stadium tent  not during daytime sportslumn insideHow much does a standard basketball court tent cost
The standard basketball court is about 28*15, and the size of the basketball court tent is larger than this size. For example, 600 square meters, then the light tent is about 100000. With the field, lighting, other equipment and equipment, the investment of this tent is about 200000Can a large-scale basketball court tent of 30*40 meters be built on the top of the shopping mall
As long as the area above the mall is enough to meet a certain bearing capacity, it can be built. Now there are rooftop basketball court tents in many places, which can be surrounded by a fence. The columns visible around can be wrapped with soft bags to solve the potential safety hazards during sports. Wiring and power connection can be carried out in the tents according to the requirements of fire acceptanceThe canopy of basketball stadium is built outdoors without foundation. How is the spatial stability and wind resistance
The canopy of the basketball stadium is made of high-quality 6082-T6 aviation aluminum alloy, which can resist 10-12 levels of outdoor wind. The wall can use PVC knife coated tarpaulin, which has good waterproof, flame retardant, tear resistant, UV resistant and other properties. The flame retardant level is up to B1, which can ensure that the canopy is not affected by any external factorsHow to ensure the overall environmental protection and economy of the basketball stadium
If a permanent basketball stadium is to be built, the cost is about 3-4 times that of today, and it is time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly. The temporary cBasketball stadium tent  not during daytime sportsonstruction of the basketball stadium tent has great advantages in both cost and construction period. The conventional space is built with aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulinIs the construction cost of the basketball court tent venue expensive
Compared with steel structure venues, the cost of the covered basketball stadium is one-third of its cost, and compared with fixed buildings, the cost will be cheaper! While the caravan is for passengers to dismantle and relocate, the stable venue can be flexibly relocated and be demolished at will, which is especially suitable for places that cannot be builtWhat are the requirements of the awning of the basketball stadium for beauty, comfort and safety
Aesthetics: the awning of the basketball stadium can provide a 3-80 meter span space, and can build a professional competition venue. There are different choices in the structural shape of the awning, and the internal configuration is perfect. It is a temporary space in time, which is no less than traditional buildings in terms of purpose, appearance, interior decoration and so on. Comfort: there is no column in the middle of the construction of the tentWhich one do you choosBasketball stadium tent  not during daytime sportse
 Guangzhou Hengnuo caravan Technology Co., Ltd. can be consulted for the caravan caravan. The company has strong strength, professional technology, exquisite workmanship and advanced equipment. It is committed to providing one-stop temporary space solutions for all kinds of large-scale activities and exhibitions, car exhibitions, wedding banquets and festivals, sports events, sports, hBasketball stadium tent  not during daytime sportsotel tents in scenic spots and logistics storage. Over the years, the company has won the appreciation of our customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices and good services. For more information, please call usHow long can the tent of the basketball stadium be used
At present, the caravans of basketball stadiums, which are widely used in the market, are made of high-quality aluminum alloy. If they are normally used, their service life is not less than 20 yearsExcuse me, can the tent be built on the roof? Make a basketball hall
Yes, please answer how to handle the procedures and what precautions should be asked? The first question is the weight that the top floor of the building can bear: because different buildings are affected by different factors in the construction process, the weight they can bear is also different, so before the construction of the tent, it is necessary to find out the weight that the main structure of the building can bear, otherwise
Basketball stadium tent not during daytime sports

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