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Nba2k basketball manager game who knows

2022-06-30 23:07Basketball rules
Summary: NBA basketball manager? Who knowsIf you mean that there is no single game, but there is this mode in nba2k series basketball games, you can next NBA2K11 or 13. There is a dynasty mode, that is, you op
NBA basketball manager? Who knows
If you mean that there is no single game, but there is this mode in nba2k series basketball games, you can next NBA2K11 or 13. There is a dynasty mode, that is, you operate the team as a manager, including player trading and free agent signingWhy did Tencent QQ space game application nba2k Basketball Manager stop operating
Because he sealed many senior figures. At that time, there was a group, and I was in the group. We chat every day, roast, very happy. Later, I do not know what bug, sealed the number of many advanced players. Then, many people lost confidence in the game, and finally the group disintegrated. I didn't play either. Playing games is funDream team, van Persie basketball manager, nba2k basketball manager, Nba2k basketball manager game  who knowswhich is the most economical and which is the most fun_ Baidu
If you are a non RMB player, you can get rid of the dream team. This game, invented by TX, is definitely a pit of money, and I am also playing it. It is very bloody. Personally, I think fantexi is better. I don't need to invest any money. I recommend you to playHow do NBA basketball managers play
Want to play with NBA basketball manager who has the address ha!? NBA2K9 has Nba2k basketball manager game  who knowsno Chinese version, only Chinese patch! You download the English version of the game first, and then apply the Chinese patch! But I want to remind you
Nba2k Basketball Manager lineup problem
The key is the highest attribute of the players. The only thing worth upgrading in your lineup is Ray Allen. The rest of the players are big Ben, igodara aNba2k basketball manager game  who knowsnd Nash (Shuhao and Jianning are also good)Is there an NBA basketball manager stand-alone version of this game
If you really want it You can try the domestic Keng dad champion Basketball Manager 2, but I suggest you don't play the download address The introduction game inherits the excellent "pedigree" of "champion basketball manager", and at the same time, it has a bright spot of "weeding out the old and bringing forth the new"NBA manager single game
At present, there are few champion basketball managers 1 and 2 in this game. Although they are in Chinese, they are very bad. It is recommended to give up (it is not ordinary bad. You can't even reach his worst. 30 minutes of heat) FIBA basketball manager. This game is good. That is, the English water products have passed the testQQ space nba2k basketball manager game, how do you get diamonds
1. The manager will occasionally get 2 sign in, 2 days, 5 days, 17 days and 25 days. There will be brick and stone awards and 3 dozNba2k basketball manager game  who knowsen trophy competitions. After the competition, there will be a gift bag. After opening it, he will get 4. After recharging on Wednesday every week, he will receive 5 activity gifts in the Daily Star. Basically, this is the channel I knowNBA basketball general manager game
Fantexi basketball manager is a web game, and the single player is the champion basketball manager, which is not recommended, and the gameability is not strongFantexi basketball manager or nba2k game
Personally, I think 2K is fun. The picture, personal characteristics, technology and vision are quite real. Moreover, patches will be made every once in a while, which can basically match the real characters, such as who is sick, who is injured, and who is traded
Nba2k basketball manager game who knows

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