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The basketball moves of Kobe Bryant in NBA

2022-06-30 00:11Basketball rules
Summary: Kobe Bryant's shooting is a bit like Jordan. Can it be regarded as an imitationIt is not a kind of imitation, because many of Jordan's actions have been popular in the NBA before Jordan. Therefo
Kobe Bryant's shooting is a bit like Jordan. Can it be regarded as an imitation
It is not a kind of imitation, because many of Jordan's actions have been popular in the NBA before Jordan. Therefore, basketball technology has not been imitated, but has become a weapon for scoring through our own efforts. It's just that Kobe Bryant and Jordan both have a very comprehensive shooting posture and actionClassic basketball moves
Signature action: Yao style hook. Although it's not domineering, his hook has a bit of an incredible feeling. It doesn't look like he's going to enter, but he entered -! After all, I have height. So I stopped Yao Ming. AI's signature move: step with the ball and shoot after swingingDescription of Kobe playing basketball
Kobe dribbled the ball, the last pick and roll, and now the defense has been changed. He has a height advantage. He started to back up in the low post. He made a swing, turned back and threw a jumper. This ball was specially adjusted to a higher arc,, oh!! It's all sealed on my faceWhy does Kobe play basketball so well? Do you have any unique skills
After the adjustment of the 2004-05 season, his leadership temperament and personal ability were continuously confirmed in the following seasons. With excellent performance and positive words and deeds, he is currently the trump card core and spiritual leader of the team. Kobe Bryant's unique skill: back singlesKobe Bryant's reclining back and Nash's lying back, whose movements are more beautiful
Jordan can not The basketball moves of Kobe Bryant in NBAonly throw the ball steadily, but also tilt back in a picturesque manner. A superstar is a superstar, because the defenders dare not relax easily no matter where they are. That's Kobe. There are too many offensive methoThe basketball moves of Kobe Bryant in NBAds, but Kobe Bryant will not jump up and lean back like the old hooligans, and there will be more foreshadowing actionsWhich NBA stars have the most handsome shooting posture
The fans are infatuated with Kobe Bryant's jump shot postuThe basketball moves of Kobe Bryant in NBAre: “ Your back without wine, but let us drunk into a dog& rdquo; In the backward jump shot and the breakthrough slam dunk, Kobe is no less than Jordan. It can be seen that Kobe is skilled at this skillKobe shooting
In fact, learning from Jordan's shooting action is not as good as learning from his shooting consciousness. With a simple jump shot, Jordan can have many ways to shoot, either back or around the baseline, as well as his turn and fake action As for shooting skills, it is suggested to take a look at Mr. zhangweiping's basketball teaching VCD, which is very goodWhat are the shooting moves of NBA stars that are difficult for others to imitate
These five shooting methods are not recommended to be imitated by ordinary people. After all, these actions are not well imitated, either because they are foul or they are very easy to be injured. However, the following five shooting methods can be imitated at will, but sometimes the consequences are very serious. Marion shot the way to ask you a question, why should we play basketball, in addition toKobe's classic moves
Kobe Bryant's classic action: breaking through the acute backward jump shot, the one handed pull rod smash in the flying hero era, and 45 degree three-point. Kobe Bryant (August 23, 1978 -), an American professional basketball player, has played for the NBA Los Angeles Lakers since 1996. He is the son of former NBA basketball player Joe BryantIs Kobe more elegant than Jordan? Is he The basketball moves of Kobe Bryant in NBAthe first player with gorgeous style
Although Kobe Bryant and Jordan seem to have many similarities in their playing styles, their aesthetic feelings are quite different; In general, they are in the first place in NBA history. As we all know, a generation of legendary superstar Herman bakoby Bryant is one of the hottest superstars in the NBA since the new century
The basketball moves of Kobe Bryant in NBA

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