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Play basketball with a straight back

2022-06-26 20:58Basketball game time
Summary: How to use waist strength in basketballThe role of waist strength is to improve your volley time. What you should pay attention to is. Put your weight on the lower plate, don't bend your waist, and
How to use waist strength in basketball
The role of waist strength is to improve your volley time. What you should pay attention to is. Put your weight on the lower plate, don't bend your waist, and keep your back straight. The last point is to pay attention to whether your posture is correct
How does playing basketball lumbago do
" After playing basketball, I sprained and sat for a long time. My back hurts;. Lumbar sprain generally refers to soft tissue injury Including ligaments, tendons, fascia, etc; It can also damage the lumbar intervertebral disc If "e; Low back pain after sitting for a long time;, If the patient has a long history, lumbar disc herniation or bulging should be excluded firstHow to bounce, waist strength and exercise in basketball
③ At the same time, the waist is tightened and slightly bent This can avoid the shock injury of the spine Neither the strength of thigh nor the strength of calf can be done every day. If it is done with high intensity, and it is exhausted every time, it can be done twice a week or three times in two weeksHow does a good waist help you play basketball
That's good! The improvement of waist and abdomen strength is conducive to physical balance, coordination and speed. ShooPlay basketball with a straight backting, breakthrough layup, rebounding, etc. all need the support of waist and abdomen. If you play a defender, you need to strengthen your waist and abdomen. I am now studying at ACS high school in the United StatesWhat is the important role of waist strength in playing basketball? (please specify)
The flying force will be strong, it is not easy to be blocked, the blue will be stable, and it is very useful to explode the basket at the bottom of the basket. Respondent: leslieyim - Novice magician LevePlay basketball with a straight backl 3 7-2 12:25 waist strength is very useful for playing basketball, because you need to use it for jump shots, as well as for laying the basketHow to twist your waist when playing basketball
If the elderly are careless in daily life, such as turning around to pick up objects, lifting heavy objects, coughing or sneezing, they are likely to cause acute lumbar sprain due to improper or excessive force. The principle that patients must abide by when carrying out auxiliary self-treatment is that it is best to stay in bed for the first 3 days of acute lumbar sprain, because the lying position can relax the waistIs it useful to play basketball with waist protection
When playing basketball, the role of wearing waist protector exerts certain pressure on the muscles to adjust the balance of sports forces. To some extent, strengthen muscle strength and reduce swelling. The muscle is stimulated during exercise, the metabolism accelerates, and the amount of water in the muscle cells increases, resulting in the feeling of expansion of the cellsWhen playing basketball, is it better to dribble straight or bend over? Is it better Play basketball with a straight backto raise the center of gravity or lower it_ Baidu
Straight waist dribbles well for the following reasons. Straight waist dribble for easy control of center of gravity. Moreover, the straight waist dribble makes it convenient for you to move forward, backward or horizontally. It also has better coordination with basketball, better vision and less injury. The action of bendingPlay basketball with a straight back down to dribble is to lower the headHow to train waist strength in basketball
I'll teach you how to practice waist strength. It's very useful, but it's also very tired... Lie flat, do sit ups, hold your head in your hands, lie flat on your upper body, lift your legs to 45 degrees, keep your legs straight, don't bend, and keep your toes straight. You can hold on for dozens of seconds. When you do it, you feel like you're dying
Play basketball with a straight back

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