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Playing basketball hurts my advice is: if you are

2022-06-24 21:00Basketball game time
Summary: How does the foot ache that plays basketball doThe first thing is to rest. You may have injured your ankle. If you still play ball, it will relax the ligaments and make it easier for you to sprain and
How does the foot ache that plays basketball do
The first thing is to rest. You may have injured your ankle. If you still play ball, it will relax the ligaments and make it easier for you to sprain and get injured in the future. My suggestion is: if you are just injured, have pain and edema, then apply ice within 24 hours (remember). If the injury has lasted for more than 48 hours and there is no edemaWhy does my knee ache every time I play basketball
It caused a scratch on the inside of the knee, but he was playing all the time without stopping for a period of time to recover from the injury, so it would hurt every time after playing. When I was young, my knee also hurt when playing basketball. At that time, I liked to jump, and another reason should be that I was in middle school at that timeHow does basketball knee ache solve
In the past, I also loved playing ball. Sometimes my knees would hurt if I didn't pay attention to protection. In my experience, the solution is: stand against the wall half an hour before going to bed every night, and keep the knees at 90 degrees for half an hour. At the beginning, it will take about ten minutes, and then gradually increase the time after a weekHow does knee ache do after playing basketbaPlaying basketball hurts  my advice is: if you arell
To prevent knee pain, the following points should be done: a reasonable diet, advocating the selection of high-quality proteins, such as milk and bean products, eggs, lean meat, fish, shrimp, chicken, shrimp skin, kelp, laver, crisp fish, oysters, seaweed, sesame paste and other foods. Eat foods rich in vitamin C: such as fresh vegetables and fruitsBasketball knee pain
If you are talking about parts above the knee, you should consider patellar ligament injury, which belongs to soft tissue injury. You should brake properly and pay attention to rest and rePlaying basketball hurts  my advice is: if you arecuperate. Recovery is not difficult If there is pain in the knee joint and there is no obvious history of sprain, consider whether it is meniscus injury. This is troublesome and the recovery is very slow. Absolutely have more rest and avoid itHow does playing basketball knee ache do
It is because your weight is not proportional to your height that the load on your knee is too large. Maybe your knee has a little injury, but don't worry. In the future, do more muscle contact around your knee. For example, squat your feet with shoulder width, bend your knees under your toes, align your upper body, and keep this position for 20 to 30 minutes until your knee has a feverKnee pain after playing basketball
Playing basketball knee pain is a very common symptom, which brings a lot of trouble to people's life. If knee pain occurs, it needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid deterioration of the condition and more serious consequences. Cause of knee pain: the fat pad is worn. The fat pad fills the gap in the front of the knee joint, which can strengthen joint stability and reduce friction. FatHow does often play basketball knee ache to do
Basketball knee pain is mostly caused by the injury of ligaments, soft tissues and meniscus around the knee joint caused by inappropriate actions in the process of basketball. After the occurrence of knee pain, it is recommended to stop playing basketball, have a rest for a period of time, and perform MRI of the knee joint when necessaryPlay basketball every day. What about knee pain now
It is estimated that this question has asked the wishes of many basketball fans. Many people suffer from knee pain, meniscus injury, ligament injury, and joint degeneration due to playing basketball. This is equivalent to an occupational disease. It is best to take a film for examination when the pain occurs, and some even need to do CT and MRI for clear diagnosis and further treatmentHow does muscle ache do after playing basketball? Ask the great God for help
I. preparatory action: under normal circumstances, the relaxation training program requires the patient to tension a certain part of the body by himself first. For example, hold the palm firmly for 10 seconds to make it tense, and then relax for about 5-10 seconds. In this way, after repeated interactive exercises of tension and relaxation, the patient can fully relax his body at will when necessary
Playing basketball hurts my advice is: if you are

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