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Brother chicken plays basketball

2022-06-24 00:57Basketball game time
Summary: A chicken can play basketballIt is a song sung by caixukun during the NBA basketball publicity. The lyrics have a sentence "just because you are too beautiful". The homonym is that you are too b
A chicken can play basketball
It is a song sung by caixukun during the NBA basketball publicity. The lyrics have a sentence "just because you are too beautiful". The homonym is that you are too beautiful. Many netizens regard this as a funny material. So there is the stem that the chicken can play basketball. In fact, the stem of caixukun's basketball was first uploaded from Hu PUWhy does actress Rihanna onlyBrother chicken plays basketball like James when she refuses to show her love to enbid
It also needs to start with Sanguan. Like many of our little girls, we like the "chicken brother" style. Most European and American Actresses still like James, a tough guy full of hormones. Brother chicken plays basketballThey think this is what a man should look like, rather than having to be rushed to the hospital for rescue if their fingers are brokenWhat kind of stem is brother chicken
Jige refBrother chicken plays basketballers to a group of netizens in the hero League. Once Ig played EHOME, BP ended the second game and entered the game. After EHOME was suspended, Guotu said "my Jige WC, wait" and then Ig boboka said "I'm a Jige in society, but I don't have many cruel words". The following is the original dialogue: oldlanm: my chicken brother WCWhat does brother chicken mean
This sentence came from the time Ig played EHOME. After BP ended the second game and went into the game EHOME was suspended, Guotu said "my chicken brother WC, wait" and then Ig's boboka said "my chicken brother in society, people don't say much cruel words". As a result, chicken brother came back and called sorry on everyone's channel" Pheasant brother " How did chenxiaochun counter attack
When he was working, he heard the news that Hong Kong had hired dancers to accompany him. After asking for information, he applied for a job. After he was selected, he quit his haircut job and concentrated on practicing dancing. Finally, he won recognition through his efforts. He was able to dance with famous stars such as Alan Tam anBrother chicken plays basketballd Anita Mui, and made his debut. Later, he was liked by the director, and became popular as a wild goose. Now"Brother pheasant" I recognized, but I didn't recognize "Yu Mo". Have you seen this play
"Brother pheasant" is chenxiaochun, named for his role as brother pheasant in "old boy". Chenxiaochun played the role of brother pheasant very well. The actor of "Yu Mo" in the love apartment is zhaowenqi. These two actors, who seem to have no connection, actually cooperated in those yearsAbout basketball players, please come in
I am 16 years old, weight 70kg, height 175. When people of my age play together, they are tough. People are willing to pass the ball to me. I am also good at small forward, emergency stop jump shot and breakthrough. But yesterday, I played with my brother and his classmates (all adults), but I couldn't play wellWhy does actress Rihanna only like James when she refuses to show her love to enbid
Rihanna is a very versatile artist. She has involved and done well in both lyrics and fashion endorsements. However, such a popular singer likes to watch James play games and often goes to the scene to watch the games. For this reason, she also knows a lot of superstars on the basketball courtHow do you view chenxiaochun's hundreds of millions of luxurious houses as "unfurnished" and leaving a large area of space for children to play
This kind of practice is quite good. It is really a good child to do this in life and consider the feelings of children. It is also very happy to have such parentsWhy caixukun chicken brother
Because caixukun said that he likes playing basketball in his idol trainee's self introduction, and performed a period of playing basketball. The background music of playing basketball is " Just because you are too beautiful " Then the music is a little fast. It sounds like "e; You are so beautiful;, So I was called brother chicken
Brother chicken plays basketball

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