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Brother Li plays basketball jankos wants to beat Li

2022-06-23 20:06Basketball game time
Summary: How did the audience react after jankos, who wanted to beat brother Li, listed his shortcomingsThe reporter asked jankos whether he would prefer to win the championship with brother Li or beat brother
How did the audience react after jankos, who wanted to beat brother Li, listed his shortcomings
The reporter asked jankos whether he would prefer to win the championship with brother Li or beat brother Li to win the championship in the world championships. Jankos wants to beat Li Ge. Jankos also does not hesitaBrother Li plays basketball  jankos wants to beat Lite to say that he hopes to beat Li Ge to win the world championship, because it will be more satisfying. Li Ge has won three World ChampionshipsDoes brother Li have an MSI champion
In the previous three finals, faker won the championship of s race. The championship of s race is the embodiment of the highest professional honor in the game of hero League, and faker's dominance is unparalleled. The reason why he is called the God of Lck, or even the God of lolWhat do you think of faker's technology
Take other people's original heroes and smash them in the opposite without mercy. Take unpopular heroes to the top and worship them. Develop all kinds of heroes to bring them into the world games. Men who are never petrified and want to hide even Ping a are always in the forefront of understanding the version, from online suppression, all kinds of support to the hero sea of protection and outputWhat kind of existence is faker in lol
In terms of career life, similarly, from his debut to S7, he has remained dominant for five years, and his level has always been online. Even though he is old, he still has the world's top single level in S11. In terms of career attitude, I remember a saying in the years of S5 and S6 that brother Li never bought skin, but only focused on heroes and the game itselfUzi's body is "riddled with holes". Have the veteran players really "not been able to last" long
With regard to retirement, Uzi can still play for a few more years in his current state. However, because of too many injuries and injuries, and because Uzi has been haunted for many years and has not been cured, he can only resolve the pain through continuous physiotherapy. Uzi has really paid too much for that champion"That man or that man", how tBrother Li plays basketball  jankos wants to beat Lio evaluate the performance of brother Li in his debut of S9 season
But this year, brother Li has made some changes in the selection of candidates, which has yielded fruitful results. It seems that theBrother Li plays basketball  jankos wants to beat Li fans have seen the originally beautiful Li guapi. The three kill shot of IKE one hit three used by him has also been listed as the latest classic operation, and has successfully boarded the hot search. It has to be said that the enthusiasm of the old fans for many years is still very highFaker's documentary "eternal imperial power" came out. Has he really fallen into the altar
I don't know how many players at home and abroad have been canonized once they reached the finals and reached the top of the server. And no one can catch up with Li Xianghe in at least five years? Ten years later, there is no lol game, so basketball has Jordan, football has Bailey, lol has Li Xianghe! Brother Li has different statusSKT captain Lee has always been famous for his tactics. How much can Lee's support flow tactics help the team_ Baidu
It is no exaggeration that brother Li's support flow tactics give the team the feeling of being the mainstay. A game belongs to brother Li, who plays a key role. Without brother Li, it may be difficult to win three championships and one Asian championship. For me, brother Li not only plays games well, but also looks super handsomeThe renewal of faker's contract T1 triggered heated discussion. What is his annual salary for a year
However, as the only treble winner of the League of heroes, brother Li's strength is obvious to all. I also hope that brother Li can win his fourth championship before he retires, successfully fulfill the wishes of fans and fulfill his own wishes. Brother Li once said publicly that he could still play until he could notWhere does Jinan sell volleyball
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Why does the fist company evaluate faker so well
Faker's hero pool is deep, but no matter what hero he uses, it seems that he is an assassin with a sword. Get out of the white blade and kill in the world of mortals. The autumn wind sweeps away the fallen leaves, and I dare to rush. With yellow chicken, wandering, winding, swordsman and female saber, you can be counted
Brother Li plays basketball jankos wants to beat Li

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