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Playing basketball to break the defense

2022-06-23 03:48Basketball game time
Summary: How can a basketball player break the defenseIf there is a small space, do not attack, but continue to pass the ball to create a larger space. When a receiver gets a large space, he will make a decisi
How can a basketball player break the defense
If there is a small space, do not attack, but continue to pass the ball to create a larger space. When a receiver gets a large space, he will make a decisive shot! This is my experience when I was playing. I used this method to cooperate with the team leader 2 of the joint defense team to win Playing basketball to break the defensethe first team of the squad. I hope it can help youHow to defend when playing basketball
The steps are as follows: the first step is to train your reaction ability. Defense is more a late strike move, so the reaction time largely determines the quality of defense. Step 2: practice your lateral movement ability. In defense, opponents who hold the ball tend to change to break through and have poor horizontal movement abilityDefensive skills in basketball
1. Breakthrough skills: dribbling is for breakthrough. To break through, the body of the attacking team member must pass. What does the body rely on to drive, step! So footwork is the keyHow basketball breaks the defense is how someone passes him when he is in front of you
This is very simple. First of all, you have good ball control skills. As long as you have good ball control skills, you can watch some basketball crossover teaching videos online. I believe you can learn them soon
How to break through the defense when playing basketball
The above list is just some suggestions for fans to improve their basketball skills. At any time, those unforgettable moments are what people yearn for on the pitch. Some people are obsessed with the beautiful pull rod, some people are eager for the moment of victory, some people are intoxicated with the ingenious cooperation, and some people are obsessed with the smooth operation of each round. As a fanHow to prevent brePlaying basketball to break the defenseakthrough when playing basketball
Practice sliding, because this is the basic action of defense. When sliding, the center of gravity should be flat. Use the first moving foot to move with the other foot. Secondly, personal defense is a way to prevent breakthrough, but when you meet people who are fast and explPlaying basketball to break the defenseosive, personal defense often backfires. So, when defense breaks throughAttack and defense in basketball
Fast speed. The most common way to play big with small is to take advantage of speed, which is also a big advantage of small. It is similar to the Korean basketball team playing the Chinese team, and the Chinese football team playing the West Asian national team. Fast attack and defense conversion. An attack has been completed before the opponent reacts. Lightning speedHow to break through when playing basketball
Dear landlord! Focus on the defensive position. Generally, you should protrude from the side of the defender's front foot. Before accelerating, you'd better do a few virtual shaking movements, and use the three threat posture to change the body's center of gravity. If the opponent moves, you should immediately start to protrude from the opposite direction. The first step should be fast. Be careful not to walk, and then stick to the opponent. NoHow to break through the most effective basketball
Dribbling is very important in basketball training or competition. It allows players to carry the ball forward when they can't pass the ball to their teammates; Move the ball to a more favorable position to pass it to teammates; Or wait for teammates to control the ball when receiving the pass; Dribble to the basket and finish shooting or layupHow to break the two three joint defense and the three two joint defense in basketball
Second and third joint defense: it mainly defends the front and both sides of the perimeter for mid-range shooting. For the weak defense in the two bottom corners and the free throw area, the attacker can create 3 points in the bottom corner and free throw line by passing and receiving the ball. And 2-3 joint defense if the aPlaying basketball to break the defensettacker fails to shoot from a long distance, the backboard may play far
Playing basketball to break the defense

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