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Which is better, NBA basketball or European basketball

2022-06-29 20:07Basketball game time
Summary: The level of European Basketball League is higher than that of NBAAlthough the playing method of sharing basketball in the European League is very reasonable, and the physical confrontation is also ve
The level of European Basketball League is higher than that of NBA
Although the playing method of sharing basketball in the European League is very reasonable, and the physical confrontation is also very fierce, the level of NBA is much higherEuropean basketball or American NBA
Europe pays more attention to football. If there are good talents, they will go to the football area. However, it is true that European basketball is better in regional joint defense than that of the United States, with more cooperation in attack. American players are more capable in singles, better in single defense and bag trap. European players use shooting moreEuropean basketball champion or NBA champion
This style is different. The overall shooting is sure to be more and more in Europe. The NBA has a lot of physical fitness, confrontation and aerial work. In the past 20 years, the European basketball counterpoint confrontation has become stronger and strongerThe difference between American NBA and European basketball
European basketball puts more emphasis on team cooperation. Through team cooperation, the ball is moved to achieve scoring. With different technologies, the NBA of the United States pays attention to physical confrontation, using physical confrontation to realize layup or open space shooting. European basketball pays attention to the movement of feet, the foundation of basketball and shooting. Many European interior lines have a good shotComparison of technical characteristics between European basketball and NBA? Thank you for your help
And the white Europeans are smarter and design smarter ways to win! This is the difference between the two! NBA or European basketball? This cannot be compared at all, because the rules of the two are different; But I think it can be said that in basketball, the body is strong in the NBA; Overall, basic skillsHow far is the gap between European basketball and NBA
The gap in strength between the two is not too large, but the so-called gap is more reflected in the appreciation. The NBA market is more mature, with a mature business model, great promotion efforts, and a strong basketball cultural atmospWhich is better, NBA basketball or European basketballhere, focusing on star making, data protection, respect for the elders, etc. European basketball needs to be strengthened in these aspectsIs the NBA team better or the European national team better
And compared with Bowen Artest, he is cleaner mainly because of his long arm. As for shooting accuracy, there is generally no talent). Their basketball is largely physical basketball! European players generally do not have such a good talentEuropean basketball is becoming stronger and stronger. Can it be said that it can be compared with NBA in the future
European basketball is becoming more and more powerful, but it can not be compared with the NBA. There are three main reasons - European basketball is only a local basketball with insufficient influence and lacks some super stars in the NBA! Local basketball: in fact, when it comes to European basketball, many people will think that European basketball and NBA basketball are the same thing. In fact, they are completely different... In addition to physical strength, is European basketball technically much higher than the NBA
The basic skills and advanced tactics of European players are better than those of African Americans! But the physical quality of African Americans is much better than that of European players! Although basketball needs to be constantly improved, now Europe and the United States have their own strengths and leading styles! NBA is an international sports organization. Dream seven can only represent the United States, not the United StatesWhat is the strength of a strong European basketball team if they play in the NBA
Therefore, if it is a game, the champion of the European BaskeWhich is better, NBA basketball or European basketballtball League is still likely to beat the American professional baskeWhich is better, NBA basketball or European basketballtball team. After all, they will not lose to NBA players in the level of confrontation and technical tactics. The gap between them is more like a gap in talent. The difference in talent really can't be made up by hard work
Which is better, NBA basketball or European basketball

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