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NBA point guard basketball shoes

2022-06-29 02:24Basketball game time
Summary: Which NBA players wear Anta basketball shoesPhoenix Suns and Indiana Pacers. In 2008, Scola was selected as the NBA rookie of the year. Steve Francis was born on February 21, 1977 in Takoma Park, Mary
Which NBA players wear Anta basketball shoes
Phoenix Suns and Indiana Pacers. In 2008, Scola was selected as the NBA rookie of the year. Steve Francis was born on February 21, 1977 in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA. He is an American professional basketball player and a professional point guardI play point guard and want to change a pair of basketball shoes. Can you introduce me a pair of comfortable ones that can stop in disguise. Guard
I don't use basketball shoes. I think basketball shoes are too heavy, which has a great impact on the guard's speed. Unless we can buy NBA level guard shoes, you can ignore my suggestions. I personally suggest using lighter shoes. I have tried running shoes before, which Li Ning produces every year. The impact on the feet is very smallWhat is the difference between the basketball shoes of point guards and centers
Point guards with different upper heights are mostly short, and in order to improve running speed, they are mostly air cushions; The center's sole is softer and thicker, and the upper is often higher. The point guard shoes with different widths should not be too bulky. The width of the shoes is narrow, and the material of the shoes must not be too thickNBA star basketball shoes, from gaobang. How many do you recommend
What position do you play? If there are Nike Owen series forwards in the point guard shoes, all three series of James are OK (envoy, soldier and zhengdai). If there is a center, there is no problem to buy James' shoes. It is better to protect feet and prevent rollover. Considering technoloNBA point guard basketball shoesgy, adidas' Ross 7 and Lillard 2's boost and bounce are also goodWhat kind of basketball shoes do point guards choose
It depends on your foot shape. If your foot is too big, it is recommended that you buy Nike shoes such as lbj7, kobe5, or Jordan 23. In fact, it is not recommended to buy James and kobe shoes. The price / performance ratio is too low, about 1300. (of course
What kind of basketball shoes do point guards wear
Besides the wrapping and protection of basketball shoes, the most important thing is comfort. The above shoes are all good. I personally recommend 12 Hyperdunk Shoes, but I still have to try them myself to find out. It is most important to choose a pair of comfortable and suitable shoesI want to start a pair of basketball shoes recently -- I usually play point guard -- I can shoot well -- I want to askNBA point guard basketball shoes if it is
The point guard recommended the rose series. The lightweight and durable kobe shoes are also good. I have 5, 6 and 7 branches. It feels like the most comfortable Department 6 is wearing. The Department 6 is 1299 yuan. It's quite expensive. It's recommended to be light and limitlessI am a breakthrough point guard. Which basketball shoe is more suitable to buy
Owen series and Paul series are all very good
About NBA star boots
Don't be fooled or Kobe 4 is OK. The fourth generation of Kobe Bryant uses the low side design according to Kobe's wishes, so as to make Kobe's low center of gravity breakthrough faster and faster. Flywire technology was only used in the fourth generation, making the secondary shoe only 330g, making it the lightest basketball shoe in Nike history. The technoNBA point guard basketball shoeslogy is the new space foam in the front and zoom in the bacNBA point guard basketball shoeskBasketball shoes for point guard
Don't buy the high-end technology model 1000. It's a bit extravagant. Besides, adidas' basketball soles are equipped with shock absorption and cushioning functions, and the knee protection is also good. In addition, these shoes are also very light, suitable for the high-speed starting and moving direction change of the guard. They are a pair of good partner's personal suggestions
NBA point guard basketball shoes

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