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Sunspot basketball and NBA

2022-06-28 20:02Basketball game time
Summary: "Black basket" linked with the NBA visual map. Have all the teams guessed itPreviously, the popular Japanese basketball animation "sunspot basketball" announced that it would interact with
"Black basket" linked with the NBA visual map. Have all the teams guessed it
Previously, the popular Japanese basketball animation "sunspot basketball" announced that it would interact with NBA teams. Eight teams were selected from the 30 NBA teams, and eight characters wore the team uniforms. Now all the linkage visual maps have been made public. At first, everyone thought that the choice of the team was related to thSunspot basketball and NBAe hair color of the players in the sunspot's basketballWho is the basketball character of sunspot most like the NBA star
There are few such god like characters. After all, they are fictional. But in terms of passing, sunspots are more like Jason Williams
With the same basketball theme, why is "sunspot's Basketball" much worse than "slam dunk master"
I'm sure the author will also play basketball. His depiction of the atmosphere of the court is quite in place. In order to draw materials, Inoue specially went to the United States to watch NBA professional games, so many of his characters can find prototype characters. Tadao Fujiwara, the author of sunspot's basketball, is a layman in basketballWhat is the basketball finale of sunspot
TheSunspot basketball and NBA eSunspot basketball and NBAnding of sunspot's basketball is that Huoshen chose to go to the United States to learn basketball skills. Then Qingfeng, chisi and Ziyuan came to see off sunspot and Huoshen for Huoshen. Before he left, Huoshen left tears, and sunspot stayed in Japan. The theatrical version of sunspot's basketball can be said to be the ending series of sunspot's basketballWhat is the NBA equivalent of sunspot and Vulcan in the basketball of cartoon sunspot
Utah twin evils (Karl Malone and John Stockton)
Roast asked why the American team is not inferior to the NBA in the basketball theater version of sunspot
It's just that the expression of animation is exaggerated, which leads the audience to compare animation with real people. This is just a joke. After all, it is a two-dimensional element, and there is no comparabilityIf you learn a skill in "sunspot's Basketball" to participate in the NBA, which one do you think will become a hegemony
Speaking of "sunspot's Basketball", this work is really good-looking, and the super ability setting is also very touching to many people. There are all kinds of basketball skills with big brain holes and all kinds of beautiful men. As a basketball animation, many players have some basketball skills that can not be achieved by real basketball players in real lifeWhoSunspot basketball and NBA is the prototype of the NBA in sunspot basketball
Nash, son of the wind, the pass will not be found. He is short and can't defend
Can sunspot, yellow otter, green arrow and Qingfeng find the prototype in the NBA
Sunspot --- white chocolate Williams. A passing method with a strong taste of street ball. Vulcan --- Dr. J. Owen. The powerful and abnormal bounce conquered everything, and the dunk that took off from the free throw line paid tribute to this elder. Green room --- gentleman Ray Allen. Graceful posture, modest gentleman like postureWhat will happen when the miracle generation in sunspot basketball goes to play NBA
I can't make up for it. Sunspot basketball and slam dunk masters, pay tribute to the most traditional ranking rules, no 1 3. The largest number of jerseys on the court is 4, 4 is 1, and 1 is 4. At the same time, the players who pass these two numbers are also point guards, and they were still playing. I can only think of the former first brother of piston at that time
Sunspot basketball and NBA

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