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Epididymitis playing basketball

2022-06-25 18:03Basketball game press release
Summary: I am a 14-year-old boy. When playing basketball, my testicle suddenly has a slight pain, and then I feel a little painAnswer: Condition Analysis: according to the brief medical history and clinical ma
I am a 14-year-old boy. When playing basketball, my testicle suddenly has a slight pain, and then I feel a little pain
Answer: Condition Analysis: according to the brief medical history and clinical manifestations provided by you: epididymitis? Mental varices? Guidance: in your case, considering the possibility of orchitis, it is recommended to have a B-ultrasound firstGet prostatitis, epididymitis and cystitis (both mild) can you exercise violently (such as playing basketball)
It is not recommended to take strenuous exercise if there is inflammation in the body. Besides, basketball is a very strenuous exercise. Seize the opportunity to treat it. For mild urinary system inflammation, timely treat it and it will soon be good. When it is good, you can play extreme sports
Testicular pain after exercise
Overview [edit this paragraph] testicular pain is one of the common clinical symptoms in andrology. Testicular diseases are often caused by trauma, inflammation and tumor. Key points of diagnosis [edit this paragraph] Anyone who complains of testicular pain, which affects life and work, but has no primary lesion through objective examination, can be diagnosed with this disease. This disease should be associated with carbuncleWhen Epididymitis playing basketballI usually play basketball, my right testicle will swell and ache, and my right waist will also ache. This is
In addition, epididymitis, which is less serious but more common than testicular torsion... Inflammation of the string like tubes behind the testicles. At this time, the testicles will feel swollen and painful. Dr. Danoff believes that sometimes testicular pain is a secondary symptom, which means that there may be problems in other parts of the bodyHow is premature ejaculation treated? What medicine does premature ejaculation take
As for the situation of premature ejaculation, because there are many influencing factors, not all cases can be treated with drugs. It is suggested that it is best to check the relevant functions such as sexual nerve sensitivity test according to your own situation, and then consider treatment after identifying your specific cause and condition. Pay attention to proper physical exercise in life and communicate with your lover moreAfter playing basketball, there is an intestines like thing in the bladder, and a testicle is violent
Answer: there are many causes of testicular pain, including orchitis, epididymitis, varicocele, hydrocele, chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, intervertebral disc prolapse, etc. If there is no excessive physical labor, fatigue will occurHow is spermary all the time painful to return a responsibility
Testicular pain can be broadly divided into two types: acute persistent pain and chronic recurrent pain. Acute pain is often seen in orchitis and injury. In addition to blood borne infection, orchitis is more common that bacteria retrograde to epididymis and testis through urethra, resulting in epididymitis and orchitis. Clinically, swelling and pain of epididymis and testis can be seenHarm of excessive masturbation
Moderate masturbation itself will not bring damage and adverse consequences However, excessive masturbation is a kind of psychological disorder, which will seriously affect the health of the body and cause some diseases of the genitourinary system and sexual neurastheniaCan epididymitis play ball
Answer: Yes, patients with epididymitis can't eat spicy food or drink. For example: onion, pepper, pepper, pepper, mustard, fennel. Quit smoking, drinking, coffee and other stimulant drinks. And you can't eat raw or cold food. Eat less pig feetIs the painful place on the right testicle the reason for pleading for severe pain
According to the symptoms you described above, it is preliminarily considered to be epididymitis or orchitis. It is recommended to go to the urology department or andrology Department of a regular hospital for a clear diagnosis of testicular B-ultrasound. After the examination, follow the doctor's advice for symptomatic treatment. I wish you good health and happiness
Epididymitis playing basketball

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