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Playing basketball is blind no legal liability

2022-06-25 17:03Basketball game press release
Summary: Playing basketball... Rebounding... Unintentionally tearing the eyeball···It's hard to avoid injuries in sports with intense physical contact. As long as it's not intentional, you don't ha
Playing basketball... Rebounding... Unintentionally tearing the eyeball
It's hard to avoid injuries in sports with intense physical contact. As long as it's not intentional, you don't have to bear legal responsibility. You haven't seen anyone who sprained his foot, broke his nose, knocked his teeth off for so many years. You can ask someone for medical expenses, as well as professional competitions! You don't have to pay for medicine, just if you feel sorryPlay basketball to hit an eye just blink how to do ache
I have experienced this personally! After being knocked down by the ball, cover it with a cold thing immediately! (you can buy a bottle of cold water right away) when you get home, you put a hot egg and a coin in Bree! Put it gently on your eyes and burn it slowly! The coin you take out after ironing is black and red! My mother said that she had driven the wind out of the house
When I was playing basketball, I patted my eyes with one hand, and then I cried constantly. I felt a little blind
It may be that the bacteria on people's hands have entered your eyes. You can drop some anti-inflammatory eye drops on your eyes. If it still hurts, go to a nearby hospital and let the doctor see it. That's it. I'm not a doctor. You can do it yourselfI have high myopia. The eyeball was hit when playing basketball, can you cause retinal detachment
It is possible that the eye itself is highly myopic, the eye axis is relatively long, the retina is pulled, and the eyeball is hit, which is very likely to cause retinal detachment. Retinal detachment belongs to fundus disease department. Go to Xiamen eye center to hang the number of fundus department, have a dePlaying basketball is blind  no legal liabilitytailed examination and treat it as soon as possible. If there is no treatment now, even if the operation is reset in the futureWho is responsible for the injury of others' eyes when playing basketball
No matter whose fault it is, you should at least apologize first, because the boys who play basketball are very broad-minded and certainly won't say anything more. If you have a bad attitude, you may be beaten. Playing basketball is originally a friendly game, so it's not necessary to be so real to practice your skillsWhen playing in the billiard hall with a ball friend, he accidentally flew the ball out because of hPlaying basketball is blind  no legal liabilityis excessive strength, and the ball hit someone else
YoPlaying basketball is blind  no legal liabilityu can accompany as much as you want, including medical expenses and nutrition expenses. In addition, it is life-long companionship or spending money to buy out companionshipIs playPlaying basketball is blind  no legal liabilitying basketball harmful to your eyes after dark
A little. It will affect the hand feel under normal conditions. Too much concentration in the dark for a long time will cause the eyes to be sensitive to strong light and lead to blindness. Don't play basketball at night. Find an environment with normal lightsWear contact lens to play basketball encounter collision to cause contact lens to be broken, can you blind
No, he is a thin film, very soft. I have used it for a long time, no problem. Even if it's broken, it won't hurt your eyes. Don't worry. I love playing basketball, too
Double shadow after being poked in the eye by the other party when playing basketball
Poor boy, I often get poked in the eye when I play basketball. According to your description, the bacterial infection on your hands caused inflammation in your eyes when you knead them from time to time, so your eyes will be red and even have some blood streaks. Direct impact may also lead to capillary rupture. It is recommended to rinse eyes with a small amount of clean waterPlaying basketball unintentionally hurts other people's eyes. It's very serious. Does the law stipulate how much I must pay
If there is no specific amount specified in the law, compensation may be negotiated or brought to the court for compensation. If a person infringes upon another person and causes personal injury, he shall compensate for the reasonable expenses for treatment and rehabilitation, such as medical expenses, nursing expenses and transportation expenses, as well as the reduced income due to missed work. The legal analysis is based on the provisions of relevant laws
Playing basketball is blind no legal liability

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