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Playing basketball is terrible you can practice slowly

2022-06-23 00:25Basketball game press release
Summary: I'm helpless. I like basketball very much, but I play basketball badly. I don't know how to play itBrother, don't worry about playing basketball. The shooting is not good. Is it a new positio
I'm helpless. I like basketball very much, but I play basketball badly. I don't know how to play it
Brother, don't worry about playing basketball. The shooting is not good. Is it a new position? You can practice slowly. The action must be standard and in harmony. Shooting doesn't have to be hollow. You can hit the board. Don't play too fancy, as long as you are accurate and fast. It's actually very simple to pick up one hand during the layup, but it will be blocked if the speed is not fastPoor basketball skills
First of all, you can still grow tall at the age of 14. Drinking a bottle of milk every morning and strengthening physical activities at ordinary times are absolutely effective. If playing basketball is improved, first of all, you can't be tired after a few shots. If you are tired after all shots, you can't say you like basketball. Playing basketball is terrible  you can practice slowlyThis is a matter of attitude. Practice pitching at fixed points first. You must be tired every time (you must sweat)Why do I play basketball worse
Shooting, whether it's long-range shooting or under the blue, depends on long-term experience and habits. One is the feel at that time, and the other is the confidence that you were afraid that you wouldn't score the ball before you threw it. The ball you threw must be out of standard. Be firm in your will. Kobe Bryant must have been a vegetable when he playedPlaying basketball is rubbish
Boss,,, I'm only 1.55 meters. I'm much taller than me in school, but no one can beat me alone,,, why? It's not our fault to be short or long. If we don't practice, it's our fault. In my opinion, basketball should first practice the sense of the ball, (dribbling,,) and then practice hittingI am 181cm 200kg, heavy. Playing basketball is vPlaying basketball is terrible  you can practice slowlyery bad, focusing on the strong board and the catch-up basket. But the percentage of catch shots
Don't panic under the basket. Hold on to the ball first, and take the ball immediately. If you open the top, tick one, hit the board, and make your own jump shot. Don't panic. See if your teammates have a good position. If you don't hurry to pass, turn around and face your opponent. Protect the ball with both hands. Install a jump shot and shake it. Go to the basket from belowWhat if you play basketball badly
When you begin to learn to play basketball, you must first cultivate your tactical awareness, otherwise you will always just play basketball, not be able to play basketball!!! Basketball is one of our favorite sports and one of the main contents of the required physical education courses in middle schools. It has a very broad mass base. But we often find students' skills in basketball teaching and competitionsWhy does basketball change from bad to bad
Maybe it's a psychological problem. If you don't show your previous strengths and keep comparing yourself with others with your own weaknesses, you will feel more and more backward. Therefore, you should build up confidence and give full play to your previous strengths. Basketball is like this. It's not about more but more about excellence. If you have a stake in a certain position, others will admit that you are powerfulI am 170+ tall. I am a novice. Please tell me what I should do
(2) Most actions are carried out undPlaying basketball is terrible  you can practice slowlyer the interference and destruction of the opponent. Physical contact often occurs and must meet the needs of confrontation. (3) Due to the mutual restriction between the offensive and defensive sides, the wisdom and strategy of the participants are very important. (4) Basketball is a kind of antagonism sport with collective participationPlaying basketball is terrible. Who can teach me some tricks
Look at your position. If C or PF, it is mainly to fight against the board and strengthen physical fitness. SF should strengthen the capability of CIC and long-distance investmePlaying basketball is terrible  you can practice slowlynt while grabbing the board. SG and PG should strengthen dribbling, passing, vision, control the whole court, improve shooting ability and speed, and be good at breakthrough. Since the landlord's skills are bad, the first thing to do is practiceWhy didn't I improve my basketball skills? The more I practice, the worse I feel
You mean you don't have talent? Don't be discouraged. As long as you practice every day, you will always succeed. I'll teach you how to become a talent quickly. 1. Don't practice basketball first. Practice badminton. After practicing badminton for about a week, your accuracy will be improved. Then practice jumping (rope skipping). It's best to jump double swing (one week) and jump 300 times every morning
Playing basketball is terrible you can practice slowly

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