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Basketball game press release

Gaoshiyue plays basketball

2022-06-25 14:03Basketball game press release
Summary: What are the names of the five tianwu men of the basketball teamWujizun (Wu Zun), WuJiWei (huyuwei), wujimo (xiaojinghong), wujisha (Billy), wujimeng (Li Weizhen)Who are the basketball firemenBoth wuj
What are the names of the five tianwu men of the basketball team
Wujizun (Wu Zun), WuJiWei (huyuwei), wujimo (xiaojinghong), wujisha (Billy), wujimeng (Li Weizhen)
Who are the basketball firemen
Both wujizun and WuJiWei are tianwu people, including yuandaying. Dongfang Xiang's grandfather Dongfang Shuo established the tianwu plan to help Dongfang Xiang become a top basketball player in the world. Because he is not a tianwu man, there will be many defects in his physical structure, which will restrict him from reaching the highest peak of the basketball industryIntroduction to the cGaoshiyue plays basketballharacters in digital baby 2
Name: Gao Shiwu English Name: Takeru age: 10 years old good at: Basketball School: yutaichang primary school grade: Grade 5 Tyrannosaurus Rex machine color: Green armor / Badge: Hope digital baby: Bada beast (childhood: floating beast & Digo beast) Bada beast, holding the hope that the armor evolved into a heavenly horse beast, the evolution type was an angel beast, and the whole body was a holy angel beastList of basketball players in Southeast Guizhou
Linsunxin, muzhilu, yesiyu, molinshui. Athletes in China are generally divided into five technical levels: athletes, first-class athletes, second-class athletes, third-class athletes and junior athletes. Among the five sports technical levels, sports master is the highest title, which is awarded by the State Sports CommissionWho is the best basketball player
In the basketball fire, except that big eagle is tianwu man, others are not. Dongfang, Wuji and disabled are all trained hard from childhood. They can only be regarded as some wizards, not basketball talents. Only big eagle is a basketball genius. On average, there is not one tianwu man among 10 million peopleProblems of digital baby
Husband: gaoshiwu PET: in digital 01, Xiaoguang once had a cat named Miaomiao. 02 the No. 1 actor in "digital baby" 02Shaolin Kung Fu is really great. See how Shaolin monks play basketball
Shaolin's so-called martial arts are actually a kind of vaudeville. They don't have any actual combat ability. They use this vaudeville to play basketball, which is just to wow the crowd and win the crowd. It has no practical significanceAbout ah Wu and Jia'er
Japanese name Takaishi takaru Chinese translation name Takaishi Wu (original name: Takaishi takaru or takashimeng) Roman pronunciation Takaishi Takeru English abbreviation T.K. nickname a Wu comes from animation digital Tyrannosaurus Rex Adventure (Part I)
Introduction to all the characters and their digital baby
Takaru takash (translated from Taiwan into A-wu, translated from Hong Kong into a-yue, and translated from American version into T.K.) sound actor: Taifu Yamamoto, hiroming Hirata (adult) (Japan), weijingqi (Taiwan), yuanshuzhen (Hong Kong) birthday: June 30 introduction: fifth grade student of yutaichang primary school, with Jia'erIntroduction to the characters in the digital baby
One of the hero and the second hero of OHADA Ishida's works. He is a fifth grade student of yutaichang primary school and Gao Shiyue's brother. The partner is Gaby, and the badge is blue friendship; Bring harmonica from the human world. Since Grandpa is French, he has a quarter of French descent; Later according to unicorn
Gaoshiyue plays basketball

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