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I play basketball I play basketball

2022-06-25 05:41Basketball game press release
Summary: When I play basketball, I am afraid of being closely guarded by others when I hold the ball. Once others stick to me, I don't know how to get rid of the defenseIt's mainly about strength and spe
When I play basketball, I am afraid of being closely guarded by others when I hold the ball. Once others stick to me, I don't know how to get rid of the defense
It's mainly about strength and speed, but weight is also very important. If you have good strength, you can directly knock him away. It is really troublesome to defend closely. I believe that these problems can be solved by practicing strength and speed well. This is how I solved itI like playing basketball, medium dribbleI play basketball  I play basketball, good bounce, poor breakthrough ability, who can tell me which I play
Because you're young and you're not particularly tall, don't discuss your position. Because it should be said that we should be able to play inside and outside, and at least have the ability to play singles and impact the backboard on the inside, plus a long-range shot. As for the breakthrough, we should try to lower the center of gravity during the breakthrough, dribble low and bounce well. It must be very good to stay in the airWhat position do I play basketball in
178cm tall, playing center is a little short. You can play forward on your terms. You can hit the ball on your back, like to hit the board, and then practice dribbling. You can move forward! When practicing dribbling, you'd better not look at the ball, but look straight ahead. Cross dribble, crotch dribble, back dribbleAm I fit to play basketball? What position should I play
You can also jump stairs so that you can practice your jumping ability! Your height is good and your vision is good. If you have strength, you can play well. As for the posture is not standard, that is not a problem. Scoring a goal is a good posture... Basketball is theoretically a sport without confrontation, but it is only theoreticallyI am a novice learning to play basketball and seeking common rules and skills
Basketball rule 27 how to play basketball 1. Basketball is a sport that uses hands to play It is illegal to run wiI play basketball  I play basketballth the ball, kick a ball or use a boxing ball 2、 Kicking is hitting or blocking the ball with the knee, any part of the leg or foot below the knee It is an offence to do such an act intentionallyI want to play basketball, where to play and how to play well
Position identification: power forward template identification: if Nowitzki's identification complements the 170 of the second day of junior high school, I don't know if it will grow in the future. What position to play depends on your own hobbies. In school, the height of 170 should be much higher than that of your peers. You can play inside, practice back play more, and get stuck when grabbing the basketWhere do I play basketball
I suggest you play guard or small forward. Although your height has no advantage, your speed and strength are good As for the point guard or the point guard, it depends on your preference and expertise. If you have a good sense of passing and a good rhythm control, you can play the point guard If the scoring ability is outstanding,I play basketball  I play basketball score the guardI play basketball. I play inside and outside running center in school. I can touch the ring with one hand when I jump up. The running speed is very
If you can't break through the crowded place, turn to your back, and use your feet to turn out a good angle to hook or pick up the basket, or a simple backward jump shot. If the high post has the ability to shoot, it can pull out the opponent's center, and can also play support to break through, pick and roll down or jump shot. It's terribleI play basketball and want to go to the gym to exercise my strength. What is the general plan
4. join a team. Basketball is a team sport. No matter whether you play basketball in the future, you must have a sense of team activities. In other words, making a plan can not just stay at the goal of "fitness". There are many benefits to slightly improve the fitness plan. Step by step upgradeI can't beat anyone in basketball? What to do
In fact, the most important thing in passing is to be flexible. You need to see what kind of defender you are facing. If you are taller than you, you should make more fake moves. After receiving the ball, don't rush to throI play basketball  I play basketballw or dribble. First, make a fake shot or pass. The fake shot is like this. First, if he doesn't respond
I play basketball I play basketball

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