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Cao Cao played basketball in high school

2022-06-24 22:01Basketball game press release
Summary: A joke that makes people laugh and cry9. When playing basketball in high school, a got the ball and selflessly passed it to B. B scored easily. After a while, B got the ball. A shouted to pass it to h
A joke that makes people laugh and cry
9. When playing basketball in high school, a got the ball and selflessly passed it to B. B scored easily. After a while, B got the ball. A shouted to pass it to him, but B threw it himself. As a result, a shouted angrily, "just now I was really blind... The whole audience was stunned with laughter. 10. I remember that the monitor in primary school was extremely serious, once
"Cao Cao" finally got the green card and shouted that I am Chinese. How difficult is it for China to get the "green card"_ Baidu knows
At that time, there were only two foreigners who really applied for green cards. One was him and the other was Marbury, who played basketball. Both of them are proud to get permanent residence in China. " Cao Cao said frankly: "I really like China. If I get a green card, I can work in China." Cao Cao also suggested to foreigners who were ready to come to China: "you foreigners
According to the humble room inscription, write an ancient style of Wei Wuming about Cao Cao's life. Urgent need right away!! Full
If the family is not big, the ambition is clear; If the army is not wide, the general will be wise. In troubled times, only the dragon has his life. View the sea with lofty spirit, and have high aspirations for wine. The Dragon soars in the sCao Cao played basketball  in high schoolky and the tiger roars in the forest. Who is concerned about peace and chaos? Those who are not wise will not share their worries, and those who are not up to speed will not be happy. Yuanbenchu of Hebei Province, Jiang Xia and Wang Bajun. Pay a smile, who will competeFull text translation of Cao Cao's view of the sea
Go eastward and climb Jieshi mountain to appreciate the sea. How broad and vast the sea is, and the mountains and islands stand tall by the sea The trees and grasses are very luxCao Cao played basketball  in high schooluriant. The autumn wind blows the trees to make a sad sound, and the sea is churning with huge waves. The movement of the sun and moon seems to start from this vast oceanHow on earth did Cao Cao die
Cao Cao is not tall, but his physical quality is good. According to the history, Cao Cao is "short in appearance", that is to say, his tall son is not tall, and his appearance is not dignified. How high is it? There is no specific record in the annals of the Three Kingdoms. Some historical books mention that he is "seven feet tall". If his current length is more than 2.3 meters, he will have no problem playing basketball in the NBAFunny joke
Answer: Cao Cao reason: speak of Cao Cao until 11 Question: who is Mita's mother: why she spends: peanuts 1
Look for the most interesting joke 20 points
Cao Cao farts (Classic)!!! One day, Cao Cao and Liu Bei drank and talked about heroes. After a few drinks, Liu Bei suddenly farted. It was very embarrassing. When he was embarrassed, Guan Yu said frankly: "don't be surprised. Farts come from the feather (rain) As soon as Guan Yu's voice fell, Zhao Yun stepped forwardAsk for a joke
The son of a bitch kept changing channels. I told him, but he didn't listen. Then we had a fightPlaying basketball makes you feel bright
Although it has entered the beginning of autumn, the sun is strong and the weather is hot in recent days. The town has passed through a bustling crowd, one by one in a hurry and sweating. Some are shopping and some are working. They are selecting, waiCao Cao played basketball  in high schoolting, anxious and tired. This reminds me of the four words in Buddhism, "all living beings" InstitutCao Cao played basketball  in high schoole
Cao Cao played basketball in high school

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