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Basketball wound must be done before scarring

2022-06-24 09:01Basketball game press release
Summary: How should I deal with the injury when playing basketball urgentlyRemember, don't play after injury. The best way to clean the wound is to clean it first! Such as mineral water! Any stones and dust
How should I deal with the injury when playing basketball urgently
Remember, don't play after injury. The best way to clean the wound is to clean it first! Such as mineral water! Any stones and dust must be cleaned before scarring, (otherwise there will be scarring after healing! It may be inflamed...) do not Basketball wound  must be done before scarringmove after spraining your foot, take off your shoes and socks, and apply cold compress with ice water immediatelyMy feet are worn out by playing basketball! How to deal with the wound
First, clean the wound with distilled water, then disinfect it with yellow pigment and iodine (cotton sticks), stick on the band aid, and wrap it with gauze. OK
How to prevent injuries and how to deal with the injured parts when playing basketball
Skills to prevent injury in basketball: stepping on theBasketball wound  must be done before scarring foot often happens when grabbing the rebound. It is the feet of the people behind. The front eyes can see it. Naturally, it is rarely stepped on. When you fall after grabbing the rebound, you should pucker up your buttocks, lean against the person behind, and try to land a little bit forward with your legs in the shape of "!". Upper bodyBasketball knee injury, how should we deal with the wound is better
First of all, it is necessary to fully understand the patient's medical history, whether the injury is serious, whether the patient fell down during the injury, how the patient felt at that time, whether there was severe pain, whether there Basketball wound  must be done before scarringwas a sound of broken rope, whether there was a sound around the knee joint during the injury, whether there was a feeling of joint dislocation, etc., which is conducive to the preliminary diagnosis of the diseaseHow to deal with basketball injury
The first is warm-up. A complete and thorough warm-up can help you stretch your tendons and improve flexibility and excitement. This is the most effective way to prevent injury. Then there is the question of play. If you choose to play with more physical contact, the probability of injury will certainly increase greatly. It is up to you to make your own choicesWhat types of injuries do basketball players have and how to solve them by themselves
This should be handled according to the type of injury and the degree of injury. If it is a closed sprain, it should be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, such as massage and hot compress. In addition, pay attention to maintenance. Do not get injured again before the old injury is cured. If it is an open scratch, pay attention to protect the woundHow to deal with the ball scratch
In case of skin abrasion, immediately clean the dirt on the wound with soapy water and clean water. If there is a lot of bleeding, you can use cotton or gauze, clean handkerchief and toilet paper. Press on the wound for a few minutes. Apply the red potion to the wound when there is no bleeding. Remember not to bandage the wound that is not too deepHow to do if a basketball player is worn and has a deep wound
Change the dressing once or twice a day. You can also irradiate the wound with a large watt light bulb or desk lamp after cleaning the wound to promote the elimination and healing of wound inflammation. If the wound is heavy, you can take anti-inflammatory drugs at the same time. Do not eat soy sauce, hot and sour, shrimp, paste pepper and wet waterWhat is the most vulnerable injury to playing basketball? What is the best medicine? How to take care of the injured
Easiest wrists, fingers, ankles. Warm up before exercise, otherwise it is easy to get injured. The long nails must be cut off, or they will hurt both people and themselves. After injury, you can apply some medicinal oil, such as activating collaterals oilBasketball wound  must be done before scarring and Yunnan Baiyao. Pay attention to rest after injury, and try not to move in the injured placeHow come you don't leave scars when you fall in basketball
First of all, go to the hospital in time for the doctor to clean, disinfect, sew or bandage the wound. Some people often worry that cleaning the wound will delay time, shed more blood or wash the wound larger, or even refuse to clean it just because they are afraid of pain. In fact, cleaning the wound carefully is the most basic step to avoid leaving scars and promote wound healing. For example
Basketball wound must be done before scarring

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