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Basketball game press release

Playing basketball

2022-06-23 07:33Basketball game press release
Summary: How to write the ing form of playing basketballPlaying basketball basketball: playing basketball in French and English [&712; b ɑ&# 720; skɪ tbɔ&# 720; l] Us [&712; b&230; sk&
How to write the ing form of playing basketball
Playing basketball basketball: playing basketball in French and English [&\712; b &# 720; skɪ tbɔ&# 720; l] Us [&\712; b&\230; sk&\618; tb&\596; &\720; l]nWhy add ing to practice playing English
We practice playing badminton. We practice playing badminton. Play here also adds ing Then why add it? Because playing is a non finite verb here. A sentence can only have one predicate. If playing does noPlaying basketballt add ing, there will be two predicatesI want to play basketball. Do you want to add ing in English
NoPlaying basketball is good for my health
Adding ing means that when you are playing, only when you are playing can you exercise, which is good for your health. While play means that you haven't done it yet, and you can't judge whether it is good for what hasn't been done. Playing basketball is helpfull to my healthy. So we should use the continuous tenseDo you want to add the ing form to the verb that someone likes playing basketball in English
Like can be used iPlaying basketballnstead of like, like plus to do or doing Like to do and like doing are both OK when there is only one sentence to test usage. Like to do is a recent hobby, and liPlaying basketballke doing is a long-standing hobby. If the author has the meaning to express in a specific context, he should see which is betterMichael doesn't like playing. Why should play add ing
Michael doesn' t like playing. Because like and play are verbs, like can be followed by a gerund, which is the ing form
Playing basketball in English
First person: play basketball third person: plays basketball plural form: play basketball note: let is followed by a prototype, for example: let&\39; s play basketball
How to play basketball
Go to play basketball it's a nice day, let&\39; s go to playing basketball. Go play basketballBasketball ~ hard training basketball ing
Make full use of your speed advantage, plus some shaking to pass; It is better to pass the ball when you encounter the dead guard. The game is playedPlaying basketball by five people. If you have to make a move, you can make a foul. If you shake the ball with both hands and suddenly make a move, nine times out of ten the opponent will make a foul. Simply say some basketball exercises: first of all, we should practice the feeling of the ball, that is, the feeling of the ballI want to play basketball Do you want to add ing in English
I want to play basketball I am playing basketball
Playing basketball

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