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Playing basketball against the chest

2022-06-28 06:47Basketball game press release
Summary: Can you hit your chest in basketball rulesIt's just that the field is generally reluctant to say. When you defend the opponent's attack, it is normal for him to hit you without any illegal actio
Can you hit your chest in basketball rules
It's just that the field Playing basketball against the chestis generally reluctant to say. When you defend the opponent's attack, it is normal for him to hit you without any illegal action. However, when you hit the attacker with your chest, it belongs to pushing, but it is allowed in some cases, such as rebounding. Or if the attacker enters a reasonable collision zone for a layup and you take off to interfere, thisPlaying basketball is hit on the upper part of the right chest, stuffy, deep breathing pain, how to do
You were injured in the lung. It is estimated that you were hit by the other party's elbow. The main reason is that your chest muscle anPlaying basketball against the chestd soft tissue were injured by the other party, which is close to an internal injury. However, there is no need to worry, because the lung injury is not a heart injury. Fortunately, dyspnea is normal, just like those who were shot through the lung can not die, butHow to do if you are hit with some pain in the middle of playing basketball
Guiding Opinions: it is suggested that you should pay attention to rest, avoid overwork and mental tension, keep warm, avoid cold, etc. you can do local physiotherapy massage and hot compress with infrared baking lamp, and apply Votalin cream locally to avoid weight-bearing stress, etc. The physical benefits of playing basketball
Left chest pain caused by playing basketball
Don't worry too much. Your situation is exactly the same as minePlaying basketball against the chest. At that time, I was hit while playing basketball, but my right chest was hurt. I went to the hospital for examination. It's not a big problem. I came back and pasted some wound cream in a few days. I think you'd better go to the hospital for examination and let the doctor judgeWhen playing basketball He was hit in the chest It hurts What to do
Your etiology is very clear. The sternum area is painful due to trauma. If the pain is severe and accompanied by breathing pain. It is recommended that you take a chest film to rule out bone tissue damage. If it is soft tissue damage, you can take it orally; Panax notoginseng tablets and Fenbid capsules are enoughHit his chest playing basketball
It's a hard injury to the soft tissue of the sternum. It doesn't matter. Just rest for a few days. Take more deep breaths and let the soft tissues adapt. Don't breathe too fast, but slowly. Don't worry about eating, drinking and other activities. Do as little as possible to bend down and let your chest expandHow should I deal with hitting my chest when playing basketball
Take a break. It's all right. Of course, if you are a girl, you beat your chest flat. I don't know what to say. I was also hit in the chest by basketball, that is, to breathe well and have a restHit him in the middle of his chest playing basketball
It's OK. I also have this problem. The muscle tissue is impacted. After about 3 weeks, the feeling disappears. Usually, I try to walk with my chest up and keep smiling and yawning less. It will help my chest recover. I thought it was a bone problem at first, but later I found it was OK. never mind. I wish you a speedy recoveryWhat if I hit my chest while playing basketball
You'd better hurry to see it. One of my classmates was also hit in the chest. It hurt for a few days. He had a hole in his luPlaying basketball against the chestng
I was bumped into my chest when playing basketball. Now I don't feel pain if I don't breathe. I feel pain in the middle of my chest if I breathe deeply, but it's not
This is normal. The collision is normal when playing basketball. It will be OK after a while. Don't worry
Playing basketball against the chest

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