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Yue Song plays basketball "fight for life" label

2022-06-27 22:41Basketball game press release
Summary: Yue Song's personal incidentYue Song has been labeled as "hot blooded" and "fighting for life" by his followers, because from training to performance, Yue Song has been constantly seeki
Yue Song's personal incident
Yue Song has been labeled as "hot blooded" and "fighting for life" by his followers, because from training to performance, Yue Song has been constantly seeking to break his limits, and more people will give "Crazy" comments after watching Yue Song's training and performance videosIntroduction of Yue Song
Yuesong, an action actor, an inspirational warrior, an extreme explorer, a dreamer, and a fighter, it is difficult for you to accurately define Yuesong in one word. In 2008, a short training video of "Chinese kid Kung Fu shocked overseas" made people know the young man who returned from studying in the UK: somersault 7 meters, index finger handstand, inch fist to beat the foreigner flyingTwo dragons playing with pearls, shrimps playing basketball what movie
Super bodyguard 7.7 points Starring: Yue Song ZouZhaoLong Shi yanneng Li Yufei director: Yue Song type: action comedy martial arts adventure duration: 89 minutes year: 2016 region: Mainland
Besides Wu Jing and Zhao Wenzhuo, what other martial arts stars are more powerful
Yuesong Yuesong, born on February 6th, 1985 in Jinan, Shandong Province, is a martial artist, actor, screenwriter and director. In november2015, he won the Golden Angel Award for best new actor at the 11th China US film festival with super bodyguard. In the face of the gradual decline of Chinese kung fu action moviesHe is a buried Kung Fu superstar. He flips 7 meters and stands on his index finger, but he is not popular. Who is he_ Baidu
But it was very popular before it was true, and it was shot with my real kung fu. We can think of many, which are very well-known. But there is also a star who is very fierce. He is not angry. He is Yue Song. He is really a neglected Kung Fu superstar. He has multiple rolesIs Yue Song better than Bruce Lee when he flips his index finger upside down and punches a foreigner
It can't be said that they are better than Bruce Lee. It can only be said that their Kung Fu is comparable. Yue song once said in an interview that he adores Bruce Lee very much. We can't compare the two people togetherA domestic movie, a person playing a group of people on the basketball court
The king of the streets movie tells about the street gangster Yue Feng who became a street fighter because of his excellent skills when he was young. He is known as the "king of the streets". But he accidentally killed a young man in white in a fight and was jailed for 8 years. Eight years later, Yue Feng (Yue Song) was released from prison and entered the WTO in a low-key way, closing his powerYuesong, a young actor, is he the next Kung Fu superstar in China
But Yue song is too stubborn and wants to fight alone. He doesn't realize his shortcomings. Kung Fu needs to be practiced. His acting skills and scripts also need to be polished. What else should professional editoYue Song plays basketball  rs and actors do? At that time, Bruce Lee's films written, directed and acted by himself were still popular all over the world, but they were in the 1970sHow does Donnie Yen evaluate Yue Song's Kung Fu
As of april27,2021, yen had not evaluated Yue Song's Kung Fu. Yue song can somersault for 7 meters, index finger handstand, volley side kick and inch fist to fight foreigners. He has a very animal explosive power and clear and full muscles. Action actor, inspirational warrior, extreme explorer, dreamerWho is the Kung Fu actor known as Bruce Lee's kung fu movie
His fists aYue Song plays basketball  re clean and sharp. This is what Yue Song wants to bring to the audience. What he wants to pursue is the realism of Kung Fu. Yue Song's online information says that his somersaultYue Song plays basketball  can reach seven meters. I don't know whether this video is true or false. There are also more powerful index finger handstands, volleying side kicks and inch fists to beat foreigners away
Yue Song plays basketball "fight for life" label

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