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Small ball playing basketball

2022-06-23 01:38Basketball game press release
Summary: Jordan is playing in the current era of small ball. What will he doIt will also be very powerful. Many people think that Jordan was not so powerful in the era of small ball because of the lack of thre
Jordan is playing in the current era of small ball. What will he do
It will also be very powerful. Many people think that Jordan was not so powerful in the era of small ball because of the lack of three points, but Jordan's three points are actually OK. They think that in Jordan's era, three points were not popular, and the team rarely threw three points. At that time, the average number of three points per game of the team was no more than 5What kind of strength will Jordan have when he plays in the small ball era
His influence outside the stadium is unparalleled, but in recent years, there has been such a sound that Jordan will be difficult to adapt in the small ball era. The most is the enhanced version of drozzan. A domestic online basketball commentator (Stephen Jingyu) talked about whether Jordan can average 40 points in today's NBA in his own worksWill Jordan show his dominance in the current era of small ball playing
If Jordan played in the small ball era, could he still be so magical? Jordan's strength is well known. Next,Small ball playing basketball we will focus on Jordan's technical flaws, which have been overlooked by others. Now NBA draft is always the firstWhat is small ball play in NBA
Small ball means to avoid the influence of height and formation in defense to the greatest extent through rapid attack and defense conversion, that is, the way of changing defense for attack. Because this way of playing has high mobility for players, the executors are mostly small players, and the style is more flexible, so "small ball" has become a conventional name. BallWhat would Jordan have done if he had played in the current era of small balls
If Jordan had played in the era of small ball, he would have made more terrible achievements than before! Because the small ball era is almost to give Jordan the ability to “ Single play without solution ” Born of the players! As we all know, after decades of changes, the NBA has gradually changed from a high physical competition to a highIn today's small ball era, is it difficult for a star to score 30 points in a single game
But whether you admit it or not, the warriors Dynasty has created a new era of NBA style. The leading figure of this era is their star - Stephen curry. It can be said that because of his appearance, the whole basketball era has been subverted. Tu said bluntly: he is also tSmall ball playing basketballhe pioneer of the small ball eraWhat does the NBA era mean
In the traditional tactical concept of world basketball, the warrior team now has a big interior line as the cornerstone of the team. For example, the center of the Rockets, including Yao Ming and Olajuwon; Defense is the key to winning the game. Therefore, many world famous coaches even think that "small ball tactics" is "juggling"Can Yao Ming succeed if he plays in the small ball era
Finally, speaking of his defense, his height and arm spread on the inside are natural barriers. Moreover, Yao Ming has strong lower limb strength, and has a good effect of defending the back of the inside line. With him, the effect of protecting the frame of the inside line will be very good. From this point of view, Yao Ming has no problem in the small ball era. He must be an upgraded version of PSmall ball playing basketballoseidon, and the defensive end guard is also at the gobel levelCan Yao Ming become a superstar if he plays in the small ball era? Why
As a center like the hall of fame, this is definitely a very powerful all - star First, let's look at the way we play in the era of small balls. Find the shortest time to choose the most important way to attack playersSmall ball playing basketball to disperse their positions, use passing, blocking and dismantling cooperation, and create shooting opportunities without ball running positionIs it better for pupils to play basketball with a big ball or a small ball
It is recommended to use small balls for students below the third grade, and large balls for students above the third grade. Pupils are young, and smaller balls are easy to control
Small ball playing basketball

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